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  • Vishwas

    August 29, 2022 at 2:29 PM

    It is been observed that human tend to have competitive nature which leads them to push themselves. This can also be taught from the start that how to look at competitive behavior in which manner, so that it may help in their future to grow more. This will be primarily discussed in this essay, looking at both scenarios of competitive and competitive nature in the younger generation.

    Elaborating the topic in detail, it has been stated that children learn majorly from their home or from educational centers which conveys that the one who’ll be teaching them how to or not to react on things are parents of the spouse or the tutor. If we look at the competitive environment then its clear that it will be observed mainly in schools or any education institutes and if we look at collaborative part it will be observed in both.

    Moreover, to that a competitive nature pushes an individual to work hard and a collaborative nature makes you a team person, on the same hand competitive person will be jealous if the competition degrades them and the team person will always be dependent on others to become better. For instance, a racer in a 100m race will have more chances to win then a person who has participated in a relay race of 400m. because 100m racer is not dependent on anyone its all in his/her hand.

    If we talk about my opinion both are good in their own way and it totally depends on the individual either to be competitive or to be collaborative and if its me then I’ll choose to be a competitive person because I believe in growth and am independent as a person.

    -It has been observed-1st sentence

    -lack of lexical resources.

    -Concluding sentences and paragraph is not well structured.

    Overall-5.5 bands.

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