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  • Sheeba

    August 29, 2022 at 2:41 PM

    With increased access to newer avenues to showcase your skill, competition and cooperation have been prevalent aspects of an individual’s mundane life. Whilst some believe that the fervor for winning should be encouraged, others believe that teamwork is more crucial. This essay will showcase why being competitive can lead to superior outcomes for children to lead improvised adult lives.

    To start with, team-building can assist fragile minds to understand the importance of being empathetic and compassionate. Consequently, being collaborative aids in learning as they get the opportunity to learn from their classmates. For instance, art has a myriad of options for brush strokes so essentially taking an opportunity to observe peers can assist an individual to learn. For these reasons, the value of contribution and association are taught to youngsters.

    Conversely, being competitive in nature has its own perks as it inculcates a sense of strong leadership within the younger cohort. Keeping that in mind, the kids not only get an opportunity to better themselves but also understand the concept of failure. This enables them to have a flair to keep sharpening the skill at hand. Within sports, for instance, badminton tournaments on multiple levels on a daily basis can give an opportunity for children to work on their flaws. Hence, competition has to help tender minds to resist the hardships of one’s life, but joint effort does not.

    In conclusion, it is probable to believe that combined effort may lead to greater output in excelling from your partners but a competitive spirit helps in becoming independent towards one’s path to success. Ultimately, in my opinion, in the absence of a winning spirit, teamwork can be of no use for youth regarding achievement.

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