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  • Shreyas

    August 31, 2022 at 10:24 PM

    ‘In adversity, lies opportunity’ is a famous phrase and also a truth that we can observe in the business. Although, it is an opinion of masses that climate has deteriorated businesses there are others who believe that it has opened doors to newer opportunities. This essay will illustrate the adverse effects and also positive outlook of environment shift.

    To begin with, since industrial revolution various vehicular, aviation and arms industries are heavily relying on natural resources such as fossil fuels. As a result, global warming increased which in turn affected the working of ecosystem. In addition, ill-effects such as acid rains, floods and droughts have caused detrimental effect on agriculture which in turn harmed the organizations that are dependent on such agricultural resources. For instance, special medicines that are used to treat serious ailments which require certain plants are scarcely available due to their lack of growth. Hence, damaged atmospheric conditions have caused baneful effect to some businesses.

    On the contrary, different inventions as well as innovations have emerged to tackle the global warming, thereby allowing many fresh business ventures to prosper. In particular, the automobile industry where newer companies are comping up with variety of vehicles based on electricity, hydrogen and renewable energy sources. As a result, governments of different countries are also promoting such opportunities. Therefore, some positive outcomes have been also come into light from climate change.

    In conclusion, I strongly agree that climate change has brought more harm than good to businesses, despite the newer innovations of certain industries.

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