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  • Nitish

    September 1, 2022 at 10:08 AM

    50 Mins,

    Due to globalization, growing numbers of professionals are intended to work in developed nation rather then their own developing countries and make them evolved. Which ultimately hurt the growth of already struggling nation due to lack of skilled workforce and loss of revenue generation by specialist services. However, few measures in socio-economic upgrades could rescue those depriving nations to loss their experts.

    To begin with, Outward immigration creates scarcity of expert professionals in already struggling deprived countries for growth. Consequently, it may negatively affect major development of country in science and technology where specialists are required in these services. Moreover, it could affect the overall revenue generation, which could be collected by exporting the specialist services by country to boost their economy. For instance, India needs more software developer to fulfill the Digital Mission of Indian Government but due to high immigration of engineers towards western nations, relevant projects are struggling to be completed. Hence, it is a direct loss of investment and revenue due to the skilled workforce leaving the nation.

    Further, to coup up with the situation government of developing nation should take few socio-economic measures like professionals should be treated with respect and few professional organizations should be formed through which experts could be rewarded and recognized for their contribution towards nation. Moreover, government and organization should ensure to provide better pay, facilities and working condition comparable with developed countries. For instance, when Singapore was facing the brain-drain situation in engineering field in 90s, then government start a national reward and recognition program to motivate their engineers which increased the retention by 50%. So, effort by government and organization can help to retain professionals.

    All in all, holding back their people who are moving towards developed nation is a bit tricky, as professional moved to those countries for a better work-life. But with the help of some balanced approach towards betterment of pay, social security benefits, facilities, appreciation, and motivation it could be reduced significantly.

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