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  • Shubhum

    September 2, 2022 at 10:25 PM

    In nowadays, a large number of officials such as doctors and teachers are migrated to other countries due to the lack of resources and poor salary. This essay will portray about the biggest problems caused by leaving your homeland are effects on economy, lack of better education and healthcare facilities. To begin with, developing countries like south asian countries and african countries most of the migrants are unwilingy to leave their motherland for a better quality of life. In India, it seems like people are shifted to other countries due to the lack of resources as well as for better salary especially in doctors and teachers. The system of India is creaked due to the large amount of scams etc. It is believed that a large number of scams affect the economoy and increase the inflation rate. Due to inflation rate, the medical equipments who are purchased by other countries are become too costly to buy as well as in educational institution, teachers have to suffer to maintain thei budget to run his family. To tackle this condition, the indian govt have to point out the mistakes which are made by them. They have to work more on cyber security system to catch scamsters like Lalit modi, Vijay malayya etc. I think each and every indian does not forget their culture and moral values which is an identifiation for their. However, Indian govt has to make a better plan or strategy to secure the life of people. To conclude, it is cleared that system of India is a major defect which affects the growth rate in development. Hence, the doctors and teachers are in undercompulsion to leave their motherland.

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