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  • shyam sunder

    September 5, 2022 at 4:27 AM

    In the modern era, climate change is very debatable topic which may help to boost the economy or loss of the business, in the following paragraph will give the details of positive and negative impact on business.

    To begin with the negative impact, The changing of the weather patterns, increasing of the mean sea level and the increasing of the deforestation or any natural phenomena, which may bring the Tsunami, Cyclone, draught and flood, and which may lead to destroy the already setup industrial units in that area or island where cyclone or blood hits. Which incur the business loss, company may become bankruptcy. In addition to this working professional or workers may feel fear of it. Hence this will directly Impact on the business in the particular prone area. Furthermore, In some of the areas Industrial units may get burned by the forest fire broke due to the excessive or extreme heat. All these points which are mentioned above will impact on the business loss.

    On the other hand, due to the climate change, Government or private stake holder promote the sustainability or work on the renewal energy, which may create the job opportunity for making the products/research works to survive the people in the bad climate, it can generate the multiple disease or health problems for the treating patients or check-ups, the hospitals to be setup. For sailing the hygiene products first needs to manufacture these products, So for manufacturing these products industries needs to be setup, this will improve the economy or by generate the labours requirements, Now a days government is promising to make the world emission free(Green House gases) or environment friendly. For Instance Emerging the Electric vehicles in our country, the government or private organisation promoting these vehicles through the advertisements and for the manufacturing of these vehicles or its part, industries are required to be built and which may lead to increase the business productivity.

    To the conclusion, As my opinion I would say climate change is badly effect the business rather than the positive impact but still some of the positive impact on the economy by setting of the more industries to maintain the sustainability.

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