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  • Lakshya

    September 5, 2022 at 11:05 PM

    It cannot be denied that tourism is causing numerous problems these days. This is mainly increasing due to commercial flights and garbage thrown by tourists anywhere. There are a number of solutions which can be implemented to cope these issue.

    In recent times it has been seen that commercial flights are increasing which is causing global warming worsly. Large number of people are using car, bus and taxi and which is effecting nature. Another reason is public throwing rubbish garbage in tourist spot they visit.For example, many beaches in Goa has been spoiled due to throwing everything on seaside which is not just affecting human lives but also lives of
    marines. Moreover, it has been badly affected the lives of animals as the garbage has gone inside them and it lead them to their death.

    There are some methods which very helpful in alleviating these troubles. To commence with, tourist authorities of all tourist places should promote the usage of electrical vehicles. This can improve the air quality by eliminating the air pollutants. Furthermore, tourist authorities should also impose a penalty to get rid of throwing wastage in public spots. Air authorities should also set a limit of tourists flying by flights which can help in reducing the global warming.

    To conclude, the environmental issues caused by number of tourists are due to pollution and throwing wastage in public places and these problems can be tackled by imposing a penalty as well reducing the number of flights as well as private vehicles.

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