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  • shyam sunder

    September 6, 2022 at 6:00 AM

    The professionals are increasing day by day such as the doctors, engineers and other professional, they are willingly to leave their own country to move in the developed countries. Why because the lack of social life, salary structure, work life balance and rising inflation to reduce the quality of the services in the poor countries but still governments are intervening to make the policies like taxation, education and salary structure can help the domestic talent to retain in the country.

    Firstly the doctors and teachers are key skill in the every country, and they are known as a GOD in the nations because these two professions are the lifesaving or giving life to all ages people, but in the poor courtiers their talent has not been recognised or they have not been paid as per their skill, so in that case the skilled professional want to move in the developed courtiers like USA, Germany, UK and many more, these nations really recognise their talent and well paid off. For instance in India ,we are producing the huge number of the doctors and teacher so the competition is very high to get the job in this country, and also having large population and salary structure also not as per their talent.

    Furthermore having the degree still facing problems to get good job in these country because their financial conditions are not good to pay required salary. However the if skilled professionals are leaving the native country to move different nation , which will help to other nation by giving the taxes in their nations which will lead to generate economic growth in their country rather than the native country. In addition to this, becoming the skilful in own the country but this knowledge will be fledged in the other countries.

    To conclude that the dealing with these situation government needs to cope with their salary and recognition so that talent can flourish in domestically rather than the migrate to the other nations, the government should give the relaxation in taxes and improve the quality of services and balance work life. Which will help to the professionals to stay back in their native country.

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