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  • Carol

    September 6, 2022 at 9:33 PM

    Consumerism in todays times has become a way of life. Advertising being a means to fulfil unsaid and unrealised dreams. It depends hugely on the influence a consumer has from his surroundings and peers. The risk taking ability increases when he is cajoled into buying things inspite of his limited means and paying ability. Clearly, this external influence majorly being advertising has led to high sale of consumer goods in today’s society.

    If we deep dive into the reasons why advertising has made all the difference, it would not be wrong to reiterate that the ad-world has become more conducive for popular TV personalities, celebrities who because of their endorsement of a certain product bring about a tsunami of product enquiries and resultant sales. Starting from mobile phones to toothpaste, every commodity comes with its own brand ambassador and if the person feels inspired or connected with that celebrity, a confirmed sale is a given.

    In addition to the star power, advertising has allowed display of products from across the globe at the click of a button. Brands like Tim Hortens, IKEA which were only associated to countries like Canada and America, today because of their presence in India have seen a catapulting demand for all off-shore type of goods and designs which earlier were limited to international markets only. If it were not for advertising, the foreign investment of all international manufacturers in a closed market like India would not have been possible.

    Consumers are being driven by the advertising slogans these days much more than the utility they might have had of a product in real. Having said that, we can only talk about the positive impact advertising has had in the overall sales. The advent of consumerism has helped economies to scale up productions, invite foreign investments and not to forget create income and jobs in the economic machinery.

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