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  • shyam sunder

    September 15, 2022 at 11:40 PM

    Some people argue that International sports demur at the idea of hosting such costly events while other says it’s important to bolster the international image of the country, I believe that sports are playing significant role in the renowned of country image. I will discuss in details about it in the below paragraph.

    On the one hand, Organising the International sports in country is to make the country more popular, which will bolster the image of the nation’s worldwide and also increasing the tourism in the country, The gaming event became the catalyst of the areas industrialisation that also generates the numerous job opportunities for the local or urban people. In addition to this gaming events are to develop game sprit on the youngsters which may proponent to play for the state level and national or internationally. For example FIFA world cup organised by Qatar, after the international world cup they country has been renowned by sports lovers and also boost the tourism in that country too.

    On the other hand, some of the countries think that the organising the international sports are required recourses and proper planning for which they have to spent huge amount to making to develop proper stadium infrastructure to gather the worldwide audience, also have to make proper arrangements for the stay of the players as well as the international sports association body members. Even If countries having lucrative large rewards, monetary or etc, in this case these events make the country in the declining of the tourism for the longer prospective. For example Pakistan, they do not have proper security that’s why international sports are not happening the issues like lack of the security and the improper infrastructure of the ground.

    In conclusion, having international sports in the country is bolster the image of the nation and make more feels proud for doing it not for themselves but for the country, limited drawbacks are like spending huge amount to prepare the events and the security concern , In my opinion the organising the international events are more beneficial for the country.

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