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"French is a beautiful language that sounds harmonious and melodic."

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On all five continents, there are more than 300 million people who speak French. There are 88 member countries and governments in the OIF, an international organisation for French-speaking countries. After English, French is the second most often studied foreign language and the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world.

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Online French language classes

Euphony, a rule of harmony

In the French language, “euphony,” or the property of sounding harmonic, is a primary concern. French has a set of rules to ensure that it always sounds like it belongs in a musical or a play. Not a coincidence at all.
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When it comes to learning foreign languages, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (CEFR), is a guideline that is increasingly being used in other countries as well as in Europe. Also designed to facilitate the evaluation of language qualifications by educational institutions and employers of candidates for educational admission or employment, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) was developed. Its primary goal is to establish a system of learning, teaching, and testing that can be used to all languages in Europe, regardless of their origin.

Your ability to speak French after level A-1

▪︎To be able to introduce yourself in French

▪︎To be able to use basic everyday expressions

▪︎Can talk about things like- personal details, your likes and dislike, nationality, age.

▪︎To be able to interact with others in a very simple way.

▪︎Can tell time and date in French

A-1 Beginning french


  • ▪︎Grammer
  • ▪︎Adjectives,
  • ▪︎Comman greetings
  • ▪︎French alphabets
  • ▪︎French vowels
  • ▪︎French counting
  • ▪︎Regular ‘er’ verbs
  • ▪︎Second ‘ir’ verbs
  • ▪︎The days of the week
  • ▪︎Interrogation
  • ▪︎Negation
  • ▪︎Degrees
  • ▪︎Imperative
  • ▪︎Adverbs
  • ▪︎Articles- (le, la, les, un, une, des, du, de, la)
  • ▪︎expressions
  • ▪︎contractions( One two words are combined into one)
  • ▪︎Dates (make plans, request appointments)
  • ▪︎definite Article- (le, la, l’, les)
  • ▪︎introduction to verbs
  • ▪︎introduction to verb conjunction
  • ▪︎nouns
  • ▪︎partitive Article- (du, de la, de l’, des)
  • ▪︎indefinite article- (un, une, des)
  • ▪︎Reflexive pronouns
  • ▪︎Venir de (Recent past)
  • ▪︎Tu vs vous (Subject pronoun)
  • ▪︎Telling time
  • ▪︎Spelling change verbs (cer, ger)

A-2 Low intermediate French

  • ▪︎Adjective position
  • ▪︎Adverb of frequency
  • ▪︎Adverb of manner
  • ▪︎Adverbs of place
  • ▪︎Adverb of quantity
  • ▪︎Adverb of time
  • ▪︎Article of comparison
  • ▪︎The direct object complement
  • ▪︎The indirect object complement
  • ▪︎The family
  • ▪︎Le passé composé (axillary- avoir and être)
  • ▪︎Les verbes pronominous
  • ▪︎The studies
  • ▪︎Le future simple
  • ▪︎Le future proche
  • ▪︎Pronoun- En
  • ▪︎Pronoun- Y
  • ▪︎Que/Qui

Your ability to speak French after level A-2

▪︎To be able to use and understand expressions from familiar backgrounds. Such as- Studies, work, traveling, families,

Local geography, etc.

▪︎To be able to make some simple descriptions.

▪︎To be able to talk about past and future.

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