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1st Prize

Amazon Gift Card worth ₹1500
+ 30% Discount on all courses for 2 friends

2nd Prize

1st runner up Gets Amazon Gift Card worth ₹1000
+ 20% Discount on all courses for 2 friends

3rd Prize

2nd runner up Gets Amazon Gift Card worth ₹500
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Competition Rounds

You will have to write a blog of 1200 words on a topic given by us. You will be given marks on content, grammar, vocabulary and structure. All the blogs will be featured on the website (even if you don’t win, you will still be recognized)

You will be matched in groups according to your English skills and put to test. Each team will be given 2 min time to present their views, after that debate will open for 5 min for arguments and counter arguments. A moderator will conduct the debate. You will be given the topic 24 hours before the debate.

A group discussion is different from a debate. You are free to take any stand in a discussion. Unlike the debate round, you will be put in a bigger group and you have to follow basic GD protocols. Topic will be given 24 hour before the GD.

  1. You need to follow National Institute of Language’s social pages, by going on the following links:
  2. You must share a post of NIL on your Facebook and Instagram and it should be set to public.
  3. You are required to turn on your camera while Debate and Group Discussion is going on to verify it’s you and you are not taking help from anywhere.
  4. Your blogs will be published on our website with your photograph and you need to share the link of the blog on your Facebook and Instagram.
  5. All the posts from your social account should not be deleted until the end of the competition.
  6. Blogs less than 1200 words will not be considered. 

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