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  • Academic / General part 2 Ipshita 8pm

    Posted by Ipshita on June 23, 2021 at 7:49 PM

    You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

    Write about the following topic:

    Today’s teenagers have more stressful lives than previous generations.

    Discuss this view and give your own opinion.

    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    Write at least 250 words.

    Ipshita replied 2 years, 10 months ago 12 Members · 13 Replies
  • 13 Replies
  • Dhaval

    June 23, 2021 at 9:04 PM

    In today’s competitive world, our younger generation is putting more and more efforts to be stay outstanding which in turn is making their life more stress full. This essay will discuss about the fare comparison about the older days vs present days. Firstly, we will discuss about the old days teenage life and secondly we will discuss about the present situation

    In the past, there was fairly less competition in the world. This was giving chance to our teenagers to make balance between their study & other extra curriculum activities. They got an opportunity to spend enough time with their family & friends during their leisure time. For example in older days we found many kids spending their whole summer vacation at their relative’s homes & playing with the friends for the whole vacation. This not only develops good qualities like working in Team, sportsmen spirit but also help them to develop their mental abilities for doing their studies in much better way.

    Whereas in recent days, due to more & more competition in every field, we find our teenager spending most of the time with their studies. They often run around to meet the dead lines. For example, after passing their higher secondary exams they have to prepare for various exams for higher studies in good colleges. Due to this continuous pressure, they do not get enough time to get socialised with their family or friend to get relaxed. Instead it impart more & more stress to them which not only effect their mental abilities to perform better but also push them towards the addiction of dangerous drugs like substance.

    So in my opinion, though is it always better to have more sincere about the key goals of life, society should always encourage & guide our young ones to create balance between the studies & leisure time. Only by this way we can ensure a healthy future for our teenagers.

  • Abhishek

    June 23, 2021 at 9:08 PM

    Changing Lifestyle: A Boon or a Ban?

    A wise man said: “Time is the only thing which is constant but the way we lives and carries ourselves at particular time is what all matters”. The way people used to live their life in the pre digital age were indeed a less hectic and stress free, I strongly agree with this notion because with the advent of digital age people are becoming more anxious & impatient. The present generation so called the millennials lacks the element of patience in them when compare with generation x or generation y. This have been already proved by several researches time & ago.

    The recent survey done by the Psychological Institute of America puts forth the horrifying results which shows the number of people across the world who took psychologist or psychiatrist consultation have increased to 4 times of what it was in the last decade. Psychologist X have clearly proven by his study that digital age & present lifestyle has negative effects on human health. The paper was also published in Harvard Journal last month.

    Everyone are so busy & equipped in their electronic gadgets and tools these days that they hardly left think of the time to spend without it. The dependency on gadgets & digital equipment’s have increased several folds. It is impossible to think of living without it. For instance, think of a situation where you have no or low battery in your laptop or mobile, how restless one becomes in this particular situation is not something very difficult to imagine. We mended our day activities as such that we barely spend anytime with our family members, friends or relatives. We have no idea that in this process we are harming our mental health & as a result we are making our life’s more stressful & miserable.

    Although, we cannot deny the fact that these days, it is very difficult to live the life our parents lived because of the advancement in technology and other patterns of living around it. But, one thing is for sure that if we can make sure to keep a check to live a balance life also to adapt a lifestyle where our first priority is to have a well & healthy state of mind, only this thought and idea can pull out of this situation where we can life a stress free life.

    To conclude, I would mention that human is a social animal who always need a support from other being around them. To maintain a right balance of emotional, intelligence & spiritual quotient one must learn to de-attach them from all the things which makes them stressful and unhappy. the best way to achieve this is spending time with the loved one’s and also by practicing yoga & meditation in this fast pace life.

  • Anirudh

    June 23, 2021 at 9:10 PM

    Time is very precious for us it cannot stop for anybody . As the world and several things are changing respectively along with time .Teenagers which are important in our world are changed. In previous generations teenagers are in better stages and have more time to think for ourselfs

    Firstly how I think about difference between today generation or previous generation that

    previous generation has lot to do means that they have time to explore the stuff like i take the example my father tell me about his generation that what should he do in my age .He tells about one whole day of his life one day .In morning when they wake up at 7am they should go to exercise till 10am then several children and their friends come to play out door games and evening their will get together with friends and all friends bring their lunch box and eat together .So previous generation have lot to do in their whole day .But new generation teenagers is opposite to this

    I will take a example of whole day of new generation teenagers my friend younger brother who is studing in a school i will say he has no time to play ,to meet friends and to eat food together with family. One day i goes in his room he always stuck in mobile apps always even he didn’t knows the school exams when will it happens .I meant to say all new generation are stuck in technologies they have no time for anywhere else that’s why there minds stuck. SO they cant handle any situation in life. There life is like empty brain is monster house

  • shubham

    June 23, 2021 at 9:10 PM

    In this era of digitalization, where every information is available so easily as compared to older times,life of teenagers must be a rosy ride. However, many people believe that todays young generation is far more stressed as compared to the older generations. In this essay, the arguments surrounding the issue of teenage stress will be discussed.

    Nowadays, competition in every educational stream is really high which is putting a lot of mental stress on children.For instance, to get admission in the top educational institutions like IIT’s and IIM’s in India, young aspirants really need to study long hours and even after that there is no guarantee of receiving admits.Moreover,the limited number of seats in these prestigious institutions makes the competition even more tougher.However,I believe the competition in educational field was not so stiff in the earlier times.

    Another point to consider is that in today’s world teenagers are exposed to more products than earlier generations as a result of living in a modern consumer society. Through films and the media, they see celebrities with expensive jewellery, clothes and cars. In addition, youth-oriented advertising gives them an awareness of the latest technology such as digital music formats and mobile phones. Consequently, teenagers feel pressure to acquire these items. Some might argue that these pressures are not new. However, I believe that such stresses were not so strong during earlier times.

    On the other hand,it might be true to say that modern generations are exposed to a stressful life but it doesn’t necessarily mean that stress was previously absent.In earlier times,children didn’t have the luxury of internet for finding out the information easily. Medical facilities were extremely poor, as a result children suffered from various diseases which led to the rise in stress levels. Furthermore, most of the work was done manually due to less automation which led to surge in physical stress.

    To sum up, consumerism and academic pressures are powerful causes of stress on today’s teenagers. Nevertheless, it is my view that these stresses are no greater than those experienced by earlier generations of teenagers.

  • Shafi

    June 23, 2021 at 9:12 PM

    Most of the Today’s teenagers are living stressful lives compared to previous generations. In today’s world teenagers are dealing with multiple thing from education to social media. Many of the teeeagers are unable to cope with the competition in today’s world in education as they were put in peer pressure by the parents and society to score good marks which is leading to anxiety. In the previous generation teenagers have to deal with education alone and the pressure used to lot less of scoring top ranks.

    One more reason which is putting teenages under stress is online class as it is not much interactive they are facing hardships and it have has become very difficult for parents to monitor their kids online.

    Second reason which adds up is Use of social media where kids are being put into pressure by them self and their friends for their social media engagement and following. The merly number such as number of likes, comments and views are pushing them into stress while this problem does not exist in the previous generation teens as the smart phones did not evolve during that time.

    Thirdly, performance in cultural activities are becoming stressful as they are being seen as prestige issues in the society by the parents and schools. However this activity should be a stressbuster but chasing of awards is has lead to this scenario.

    In conclusion, The boom of smartphones, exploding of social media and growing competitions are the reasons which are causing stress in tenagers.

  • Rekha

    June 23, 2021 at 9:19 PM

    Mordenisation and development has given rise to more competitive and better growth which has lead to more stress in today’s youth. Everyone wants to excel in their own field of work,and do better then before,this mindset has encouraged people to do more,acquirer more knowledge and be multitasking at the same time. This has made them to ignore their own health, or do things in organised manner where in their work and health is been taken care.

    Nobody is satisfied with one income,they look for multiple sources of income and to have that,they need work in different fields. Every fields has some sort of targets and deadlines, and to achieve that health is at the last of their priority list, specifically the young ones, so they just go with the flow.

    Teenagers look for challenging jobs,where in they can showcase their talent and intelligence within them,this gives them a sense of satisfaction and niche over others,as they gain exposure and expertise in a particular work it is for sure that in next project they are in. Too much of work at different levels and no peace of mind leads to a stressful life which not noticed initially till it makes more damages to health of the youth.

    Materialistic demand is also added on to it ,today’s youth wants to have all type of latest gadgets and automobiles, whether employed or not,having the new ones is in their mind always. If not got they start building negative presumption about themselves, not getting any of the stuff leads to their lower performance too.

    Weather its knowledge or materials, people start eny others very quickly. Many youngsters join particular course or work just because their friends are there or its a status symbol in the society, irrespective of their own interests and capabilities which leads to negative consequences in future .

    It’s always good to upgrade ourselves with the best possible things ,but one should not be go crazy for same,it’s perfectly alright not know few things ,what matters the most is the well being, if that is maintained, rest all will fall in sequence. It is important to plan and give priorities to what is most important without forgetting the health factor. Earlier people didn’t had much to worry about their future neither they had so many opportunities as we have have now, it was very presided and well balanced by them which is missing now, it doesn’t mean that they were not hardworking or go getters, but still they performed well both at work and at homes, they do had very good health without any of multivitamin tablets which today’s generation uses.

  • Gnanaprakash

    June 23, 2021 at 9:29 PM

    Teenage is the sweet spot where you get a chance to explore and experiment. From generations the pressure curve for the teenagers kept rising for various reasons and doesn’t seem to settle anytime sooner. This essay will discuss mental health and stress issues in comparison with current and previous generation teenagers.

    Starting from tasks, teenagers these days get their feet wet in a variety of extracurricular activities which leaves them having very less time and end up having a busy schedule. While not everyone has a dedicated schedule, few kids find themselves taking in a lot of physical and mental pressure to reach their deadlines unlike the previous generation. The exposure and opportunities to the outer world is immense in comparison.

    Factors like fear, peer pressure and expectations plays a key role in one’s life. For example, growing up my grades where constantly put out to compare with cousins and neighbors which took a heavy toll on my mental health. While a awful lot of kids don’t get a chance to pick their choice of study, education stood to be a major contribution for rising stress levels. While a decade ago, as most of the teenagers calmly moved on with their lives with whatever life put in their way they were a little less prone to stress and mental issues.

    In Conclusion, as the life cycle is evolving and changing rapidly with new inventions and rapid breakthroughs happening all over, teenagers involve themselves doing a lot in very less time. Proper management of time and opening up and talking about the issues should solve this problem.

  • Mayukh

    June 23, 2021 at 9:33 PM

    In this contemporary world it is often observed that young people in our society suffer more stress than in the previous generations, as they live in the world of technology and advancement. In this essay, the different opinions regarding the issue of teenagers stress will be discussed.

    Firstly, teenagers are now exposed to additional products that technologically more advanced than the earlier generations due to the globalization. For Example, now-a-days no-one purchases a phone which isn’t SMART enough to have enough features to get the control of all the essential things through a single device. Thus, anyone can do anything, like, watching movies, listening music, attending online classes, purchasing any item through online, money transactions, official work, book car services, and many more. On the contrary, these things are making any youngsters lazier in terms of doing hard work, which results in the failure to complete any kind of homework that requires physical and mental strength, which ultimately lead to stress.

    Secondly, in my opinion, teenagers have to face several issues and situations that were less or not present at all in the past. For example, a crucial role is played by media and social networking sites. In other words, during present days teenagers are being influenced by their friends and other people and they constantly try to keep up with the latest trend in order not to be judged by other individuals. In my opinion, being always criticized by other people and being always in competition with the others can lead to severe mental stress.

    Thus, to conclude, I personally agree with the statement that today’s teenagers have more stressful lives than previous generations, because nowadays teenagers are often seen fighting against critics, judgments and unwanted comments that can upset them.

  • Aman

    June 23, 2021 at 9:53 PM

    It is commonly argued that teenagers now face more anxiety than bygone days due to several factors.Personally, I stand in accord with this mentioned viewpoint .This essay shall entails about many of the obvious reasons which are contributing towards the attributes like youth-pressure,strain ;followed by analytical conclusion.

    Firstly,the utmost priority of almost every teenager is to fulfill their ambitions by giving wings to their dreams.Thereby , there basic to become self-reliant and they usually followed one moto “work hard, work smart” to accomplish their desired goal owing to which they think a set of approach to hit their targets sooner with flying colors in order to match their shoulder evenly with cut-throat global competition.So; every now and then,individual minds are oftenly occupied with the strategies to win over their competitors and to stand firmly amongst the crowd which automatically hampers one brain with stress and youth-pressure due to work loads.

    Secondly,technology is flourishing by leaps and bounds and most of individuals seems to be addictive with the latest social media from where they follow some prominent celebrities in order to know more about their lavish lifestyles and activities carried by them which create detrimental effects on the individuals as they try to engulf comparison factor in them and teenagers feel the trivial pressure in acquiring the luxurious items like renowned persons.

  • Aman

    June 23, 2021 at 10:37 PM

    So,individual create holes in their pockets themselves in order to avail such expensive items by commonly practicing unfair means over internet in order to get money like clever deception, fraud which led to surge in levels of strain if caughted red handedly by government officials.

    To encapsulate, academic pressure and socialisation are the two aspects which succumbs to prolonged health ailments namely anxiety and hypertension. Individuals might need to face some challenging situations to overcome such chronic issues of health.

  • Arjun

    June 24, 2021 at 7:27 PM

    Both the generations have their own experiences of living a life. Nowadays, many people believe that young generation suffers the more than the older ones. This essay will discuss further why teenager life has been more stressful than a previous generation on the basis of past and current situations.

    Firstly, teenagers are more aware about their surroundings due to advance technologies which was minimal in previous times. They follow the current trends through films and media in which they see latest apparels and cars while growing up. Also, they get familiar through latest gadgets like Mobile phones and computers which makes their desires to acquire them gradually. And, in order to buy those items, they feel more pressurised. However, such stresses were not there in previous generation due to lack of technology.

    Infact, these type of pressures start building up in schools itself. The teenagers try to study and compete with each other to get higher marks so that they can take an admission in top ranking universities so that they can placed into great companies like Google, Microsoft, etc to make their desires come true. During whole process, they have to suffer a lot of strain from their parents, through extra hours of studies and examinations which somehow have a negative impact on their brains.

    However, it is not right to say that older generation people didn’t experience stress in their lives. In earlier times, people used to work harder as they required to put their extra physical and mental effort to achieve their goals. This is because, there were less facilities, tools and machines weren’t upgraded time to time which caused anxiety building up in their minds. For instance, labours working in fields and factories.

    To recapitulate, I agree that today’s generation face stress levels at many stages of life in terms of academic and professional but in my view these stresses are not greater than those who experienced in earlier generations.

  • Eman

    July 16, 2021 at 11:14 AM

    Nowadays, some people think that teenagers’ life is more frustrating compared to old days. In my opinion, I totally agree with them for several reasons which will be explained in the following paragraphs.

    To begin with, family support is not as copious as it used to be in previous generations. For example, working parents don’t have the time to spend with their kids to give advice or direct them during their ephemeral phase of life. Another point, youngsters are exposed to various types of technologies and social media platforms that made their journey exacting. To expatiate, lack of guidance while using applications like twitter and snapchat can easily lead them to make imprudence. Thus, they feel that they are gauche and insecure. In addition, there are less activities that are supported by the governments designed for teenagers. To elaborate, many recreational centers are built for either adults or children that are don’t interest the youths.

    On the other hand, in former generations, family members were closer to each other and supported their members effectively. For instance, mothers used to stay with their children all the time to placate them when they have doubts. Moreover, juniors in the old days were less intrepid and thus, were more manageable by their parents and society. To elaborate, juveniles used to stay with their parents during their nascent and listen to their advice.

    In conclusion, teenagers these days face tremendous number of challenges that make their lives ambiguous and misleading. Therefore, it is the responsibility of their families and society to provide guidance that protects them from do any inimical acts.

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