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  • Academic Task 1 (Bar Chart)

    Posted by Aniket on August 23, 2021 at 12:45 PM

    The bar chart illustrates the spendings in pounds for two nations France and UK on domestic products in the year 2010. The overall trend suggests that both the countries spend more on cars while other goods are still behind with perfume and cameras being the lowest in UK and France respectively.

    Categorically speaking, UK expenditures on cars are the highest around 450,000 GBP following France with 50,000 GBP less than its peer nation. Similarly the trend in categories of books and cameras are highest in comparison to France with spendings around 400,000 GBP and just over 350,000 GBP respectively. While France expenditures account for the same categories discussed, lags behind 100,000 and 200,000 respectively.

    As it is lucid that France has outperformed its peer nation in other consumer goods like computers and perfume with spendings just above 350,000 and approximately 200,000 correspondingly. On the other hand UK lags behind just under 350,000 in personal computers and spends are significantly low in perfumes with expenditure a little less than 150,000.

    Overall, the 2010 data suggests that UK spends more on cars, books and cameras whereas its peer country France expend quite a lot on computers and perfume.

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