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  • Kumudini

    January 5, 2023 at 7:32 PM

    The two maps depict the changes that occurred in Felixstone between 1967 and 2001.

    As may be observed from the maps, Felixstone had numerous transformations in terms of infrastructure and resources. The café, golf course, and high street, on the other hand, remained constant.

    In 1967, there are shops on both sides of the high street. Farmland to the east and a golf course to the west of the high street road. To the south of town, there is a sea. The Marina Pier was connected to the sea, and above it was a fish market. There are some dunes to the south-west and a hotel nearby.

    The golf course and café remain untouched in 2001. The shops to the west of high street survived, while the shops on the east side were replaced by apartments. The farmland has been transformed into a hotel, tennis courts, and swimming pool. The renovated hotel appears to include parking facilities. The Marina Pier property and fish market were converted into a public and private beach. Wind turbines were built near the dunes in the south.

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