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  • Academic Task 2 (advantages, outweigh the disadvantages)

    Posted by Aniket on August 25, 2021 at 5:12 PM

    Q Some students take a year off between school and university, to work or to travel. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

    My answer:

    The modern technology has witnessed dramatic changes over the last few decades. Generally, it is becoming hard to cope up with the information bombarded everyday on an individual. Processing the information and day to day updates altogether have created a complicated and diverse curriculum which becomes quite intimidating, due to which we often see some students taking breaks in the educational journey to free there mind or learn skills to take a leap. While taking gaps in education can benefit when seen through a larger picture, while there will be drawbacks as well, but mostly the gaps can overall improve a person’s well being mentally and physically and enhance there connection with the real world.

    Most of the scholars today, take a year off from there curriculum to gain the practical industrial knowledge. For instance, many students take up internships, part time jobs in companies so that they can be job ready. Adding intern experiences in the resume can easily boost there resume and show there knowledge on specific sets of skills. Furthermore, gaps can help students to disconnect from the virtual world and explore different places around the globe. One study suggests that travelling can improve brain activity by activating certain chemicals that boost the neurons growth in brain and make the brain healthy. Overall, taking off from semesters aids scholars both physically and mentally.

    On the contrary, breaks are often seen as failures to some extent. Mostly, in some countries like India where I have seen employers treating breaks as failures and questioned the students degree. Moreover, in case of higher studies some universities do not intake newcomers with gaps in there undergraduate or bachelor’s. Secondly, it can break focus from the curriculum. As, from the personal experiences I have seen that if I take breaks for something even for a week I tend to forget about it as I lose connection from it. Mostly as humans, it is one natural thing that happens everytime. Hence, it can hamper the learning curve.

    To sum up, breaks can help students to gain more industrial knowledge and relax there mind through means of travelling, either way they learn more about life and something new which can easily outweigh the disadvantages when seen from the long term perspective.

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