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  • shubham

    July 12, 2021 at 9:32 PM

    The pictures illustrate the ingredients that go into the factory made fish pie and the various steps in its production.

    The pie contains salmon, peas, sauce and potatoes in a microwaveable container and there are 10 stages in its manufacturing, from delivery to dispatch. One of the ingredients, potato, goes through its own six-stage preparation process before it can be added to the pie.

    Potatoes are the first ingredient to be prepared on the production line. They are delivered to the factory up to a month before the process begins. First of all, they are cleaned, peeled and sliced. Potatoes peelings are thrown away and the sliced potatoes are boiled, then chilled and stored.

    In the mean time, fresh salmon arrives and then lemon juice and salt is added to fresh salmon. Then, it is cooked in a steam oven, within 12 hours of delivery. Next, factory workers remove and dispose of the skin and bones, and the fish is inspected. Following inspection, the preprepared peas, sauce and potatoes are added. The resulting fish pies are wrapped, frozen and then stored or dispatched.

  • Dhaval

    July 12, 2021 at 9:33 PM

    The process diagram illustrates the manufacturing process to produce Fish pie.

    Overall, it is a liner process comprises of mainly two parallel production lines: one the processing of Salman fish & another for the processing of Potato chips followed by the final manufacturing of the Fish Pie. It comprises of total 15 stages excluding the final storage & dispatch.

    In the begging, the potatoes are delivered to the line. The potatoes are then cleaned properly under the jet spray and pilled off to remove it’s skin. After this, they are sliced in small pieces and boiled to cook. Following this the slices are chilled and stored for further use.

    In parallel, the fresh Salmon fish are brought to the production line. The fish are first marinated with the Lemon Juice & salt. Following this, they are cocked by steam in the oven. The Skin of fish is removed before going through the inspection. In the final process of manufacturing of fish pie, they are mixed with the pre-prepared peas & sauce followed by mixing with the stored potato slices.

    Once produced, the fish pies are then hand wrapped and sent to the freezer for the final dispatch to the store.

  • Aman

    July 12, 2021 at 9:58 PM

    The provided diagram illustrates the different steps which were carried out in order to make frozen fish pies.

    Overall, production of fish pies evolve fifteen steps .All steps are significant while preparing this dish if any of it is missed than it may hault the entire process.

    To commence with, cleaning of potato with the fresh water is the initial step so as to remove the dust and chemicals .After that, they are peeled off and sliced into several pieces than they are being put into a microwave container with suitable amount of water so as to boil all the potatoes ; left the container undisturbed for process of chilling at a room temperature .Then ,potato chips are stored into packets.

    Morever, salmon undergoes the marination process ,by adding some ingredients like lime and salt to get deeply absorbed than it is steam cooked into oven .After steam, skins and bones are removed firstly than it is further sent for inspection and later on, peas and sauce are prepared by saute into a bowl than it is wrapped and again freezed .Eventually, it is ready for dispatch into superstores and markets through delivery.

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