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  • essay (discuss both sides – cars best to use in cities or bicycles)

    Posted by Dipinder on August 11, 2021 at 12:49 AM

    some people say that cars are best to use in cities while others think that bicycles are better. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Dipinder replied 2 years, 8 months ago 2 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • Vasanth reddy

    August 12, 2021 at 2:29 PM

    Some people believe that cars are the best source for journey in purview of city , however , few argue that bicycles are the best . According to me that bicycles are better when compared with cars .

    Firstly , bicycles are fine and better to use in cities as they do not emit any harmful gases in to atmosphere . Owing to pollution , we experience soar in temperatures and drastic and disastrous changes in weather which has vicious effects on milieu, which is conspicuous every year . Ravaging consequences on environment can be controlled by constraining utilization of cars . Burgeoning industries in cities is creating employment avenues , which tends everyone to migrate to conurbation . Consequently the surge population is observed which results in traffic-jam . To expound , roads and other facilities are not able to meet the demands of soaring population rates , which results in blockage of vehicles and also contributes a lot to pollution .

    secondly ,sedentary life styles are usual in individuals who make living in metropolis, which shows deleterious results on their physical and mental health . To explain , to attain the summits of happiness in ones life we need to be physically fit which can be accomplished by regular exercising which is absent in urban areas . This can be achieved by using bicycles where it requires to spend energy to run it . Thus , we can make ourselves strong utilizing it instead of cars .

    To conclude , it is better to make use of bicycles in spite of cars which results in decreasing pollution , more over bicycles need human activity to run it which require calories to burn , consequently , it keeps an individual healthy and strong .

    • Dipinder

      August 21, 2021 at 5:07 PM

      Intro is insufficient, lacks proper structure

      This is not a comparison question, pay attention to question, it’s asking for discussion, not comparison or advantage disadvantage. You couldnt comprehend the question rightly, hence answered it wrong.

      Bicycles are fine and better – is a bad sentence to use in essays. Looks very lame.

      Milieu means social environment not the eco system or environment. Which is not relevant here.

      Instead of SOAR, use rise/surge/hike/increase.

      Conspicuous means evident or obvious, i couldnt understand what exactly u meant by using this in your sentence.

      U digressed in your Second SI, it’s not relevant, u have to write on cars and its advantages.

      You again digressed in BP2, it should be only and only about advantages of cycles.

      Consequently, whole conclusion is wrong due to wrong understanding of the topic question


  • Dipinder

    August 21, 2021 at 5:51 PM

    Many of a person believes- Many a person believes

    Bicycles are choicest to utilise what?

    I opine, that cars are suitable medium to move from one place to another in city

    And previously also i advised against using FINE, it sounds lame.

    Very much comfortable and one cannot get exhausted.

    Use either very or much with comfortable and use passive voice in your essays, never use 1st, 2nd or third person.

    Dont use etc and … – both are informal. Be specific with the benefits and expand that much only.

    Where one cannot be overtired – is again making the sentence personal and instead of OVERTIRED, better word such as, weary could have been used

    Constraining passengers can be shunned if we utilise cars- confusion and unclear! UTILIZE is American English, you must maintain same type of English American or UK, whichever u choose. But dont shift to other in your writing.

    Air conditioning is a luxury which you have already mentioned in previous SI, come up with some other advantage.

    WHICH needs energy to be burned WHICH makes one healthy and fit – Refrain from using one connector repeatedly.

    Thus, using bicycles as medium of transportation can help in burning calories, consequently assisting in achieving robust health. – your sentence is making it personal again.

    Your last SI is not aligning with the topic, rise in population cant be controlled by use of bicycles, traffic jams can be. Make it sound like bicycles aid in reducing traffic on roads.

    Making use of cars for travelling – using cars to commute, makes travelling comfortable, whereas using bicycles leads to healthy living.

    Cars are best source of medium ?

    According to me, cars are best medium to cover long journeys in short time.


    refer to my essay below

  • Dipinder

    August 21, 2021 at 5:55 PM

    Many a person postulates that cars are ideal mode of transport for cities, while others assert that bicycles should be preferred to travel. Cars are quick to keep the pace with the fast city lifestyle and can be used by more than one person to travel from one place to another, whereas bicycles are a healthy option. In my opinion, cars are most viable option to travel while living in a city.

    There are multiple reasons, why proponents of cars favour the latter. Firstly, because cars are swift. In other words, keeping pace with the fast city life is a requisite to survive in suburbs, where denizens cannot afford to lose their time, travelling on slower mediums of transport. Secondly, cars are spacious and convenient. Which is to say that, cars can be used by more than one person to travel at any given time. Furthermore, not just people but bulkier items can also be transported from one place to another with ease on cars.

    On the other hand, using bicycles as a mode of transport has numerous advantages. Such as, bicycles are a healthy way to commute. To expound, bicycles do not require any combustible fossil fuels for its working and is ridden by the physical force applied by its rider, hence keeping it from emitting noxious gases which are deleterious for human health as well as the whole environment. Finally, using bicycles for travelling is meritorious because it reduces traffic on the road. Which stands to reason that bicycles consume very less space on the road, its use has a mitigating effect on the traffic problem, which is surging every day in the cities, begetting road congestions.

    In conclusion, it can be said that cars expedite the movement from one place to another and they can also be useful for more than one individual at the same time. Bicycles are healthy mode of transport, further benefitting by reducing the pollution. In my opinion, cars are conspicuously propitious in meeting the needs of transportation of an urban lifestyle.

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