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  • IELTS Essay Writing (social media)

    Posted by NIL Admin on July 24, 2021 at 9:33 PM

    Q. Nowadays people use social media to keep in touch with others and be aware of the news.

    Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

    Priyadarshini replied 2 years, 11 months ago 8 Members · 7 Replies
  • 7 Replies
  • Sanjay

    August 17, 2021 at 7:39 PM

    The modern world is greatly dependent upon social media particularly for being up to date and keep in touch with friends and families. In this essay, we will discuss whether or not this is a good change, list the pros and cons of such extensive use of social media, and will reach a rational conclusion.

    Social media has opened new ways of news reading as a few years before the only source of information was newspapers and channels; people were unable to know whatever news that has been left out from reporting by these companies because of political or financial reasons. Today we can know these backdoor games played behind news reporting just because of social media. social media has been helpful in not only knowing news but also in maintaining contacts with friends and family particularly with those who live far away. to exemplify finding a lost childhood friend was of enormous difficulty in the past but today most of the time these people are just one or two clicks away.

    However, there are some relevant concerns associated with social media too, as the plague of fake news have been a major issue our country currently facing. And the exposed scam such as Cambridge Analytica selling data to manipulate the election process of America is pointing towards the depth of the threat associated with social media.

    So to conclude as modern world technology social media has enormous benefits to mankind and the threats of misusing it also relevant for which a government level action are required


    August 17, 2021 at 7:46 PM

    Today, many people depend upon social media to be in touch with others and also to know what is happening in the world. This essay will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of people’s dependency on social media for these tasks.

    Usage of social media has 2 major advantages: it is more faster and cheaper source to get information about anything happening in the world. Moreover, it also helps to be in contact with several people simultaneously. Firstly, with the help of social media apps, one can be aware of every breaking news within a minute’s time span while doing there other work or lying in the bed, also, all these apps are free of cost and no-one has to pay extra charge for the same. For instance, many times important news such as, India winning a cricket match reaches social media platforms before it reaches to any other source. Secondly, social media helps people to be in touch with large number of people at the same time which can be a difficult task for person if he tries to connect everyone personally. For instance, if someone has to convey some important message to a certain group of people, they usually post that message on their social media account such as Facebook or Instagram.

    However, using only social media for these tasks also have some disadavantages too such as, possibility of believing a Fake News and overuse of these apps can affect physical as well as mental health. Firstly, not everything available on social media is true, many times fake news is circulated by people just to misguide others or to create chaos. For instance, many times we receive a message with catchy offer in it with a link directing us to a webpage. Most of these links are fake, and are created to commit frauds. Secondly, overuse of social media increases our screen-time which in turn impacts our eye-sight as well as mental health. For instance, people who have higher than average screen-time, find it difficult to sleep at night which results in mental health issues.

    To conclude, although using social media for connecting with people or for being aware of the news has some drawbacks to it but it has made people’s life much easier and therefore advantages outweigh these drawbacks.

  • Ashi

    August 17, 2021 at 7:53 PM

    Nowadays it is quite often seen that people prefer to use social media as a means to communicate with each other or be informed about any news rather than using letters or newspapers etc for the same. This essay will examine the advantages and disadvantages of using social media and provide a logical conclusion.

    The two main advantages of using social media are easy way to keep touch with people and benefits in terms of grabbing job opportunity.Firstly, it has become convenient for people to remain in touch with people who may have been out of touch for a long time. For instance, social networking sites such as facebook ,whatsapp provide variety of ways through which people can communicate either through text, call or video call to one another present in any country . Secondly , people tend to find new jobs opportunities now in most effective manner . For instance , sites such as LinkedIn,, Monster provides an efficient way for people to look out for jobs and apply in most effective manner .

    However ,social media has some major disadvantages like inclination in the criminal activities and also lack of physical activity especially in young generation . Many people tend to engage in crimes through social media . For instance , drugs supply is one of the major issues that has impacted many lives. Also nowadays , young people totally depend on their phones such as browsing over to different social media sites just for the fun part. For instance, it is seen that younger people hardly exercise or does any kind of physical activity because of huge impact caused by social media.

    To conclude, although social media can have certain negative effects like no physical exercise/movement in today’s generation and increase in criminal activities, it has extremely positive influence on country’s economic growth by providing job opportunities and fastest medium for communication.I believe that these benefits of social media outweigh its drawbacks.

  • Prabhjeet

    August 17, 2021 at 7:59 PM

    The social media platform has become a prime place to squander time for everyone who is aware of the nitty-gritty of technology. The platform does aids in connecting people across the globe and to explore useful things like news but the toll it takes on a person is significant and not negligible. This essay will explore the pros and cons of the stated topic.

    Firstly, looking at the bright side, social media helps us to connect with lives of our distant friends. Scrolling through the Instagram feed not only just tells about the person’s ongoing frivolous activities but can also be useful. Like subscribing or following news and information pages helps us to keep ourselves updated about the current advancements around the world. That means, knowledge about scientific advancements and social measures abroad can educate people so that they can implement the same in their country for betterment.

    However, the inconspicuous harm that lies within the platform often goes unnoticed. As people like to follow different trends which are in heat on social media, copying a foreign trend can annihilate the value of home-grown traditions and cultures. For instance, Indian traditional dresses don’t appease much of the Indian population nowadays. Moreover, the addiction to social media has devastating effects on brain. Like it can shorten the time one remains focussed because of the constant ding-dongs of Facebook or Instagram. That implies that use of social media might be appealing but the drawbacks it offers are significantly more.

    In conclusion, social media offers pros like unhindered connectivity to friends and family, and also easy access to current affairs but still imitating social media trends and becoming addicted to it can have a major impact on life. In my opinion the disadvantages of it outweigh the advantages.

  • Abhineswar

    August 17, 2021 at 8:09 PM

    The social media helps to keep in touch with people and get updated day by day. I agree that the advantages of social media are far higher than the disadvantages.

    Social media is very handy and can be accessed so easily anywhere with just a smart gadget with an internet connection to connect with the people. This is something that brought back the connection with good old friends with whom we couldn’t keep in touch over the years. Even this platform in used in a lot of bad ways, it completely depends on the one’s awareness and choice that gets them affected. For example when a person could get in contact with an old friend, it definitely brings a lot of joy to recollect those old memories. When a platform can bring joy and happiness in someone’s life, why not encourage and welcome it?

    This is completely ones’ personal choice whether to use the platform for good or bad. And the blame is on the person not on the platform. When someone from many is taking advantage of this platform for their wrong motives, there is something wrong with the person and not the platform. In other words a lot of things that we use in everyday life can be accessed with wrong intentions. For example if a person uses it to post the jobs and people get jobs by referring the post on social media. If another person posts fake jobs with the intention to cheat people, we have sources to find if it is fake or real and make a smart decision. So it is a way more advantageous than the cons.

    I strongly believe that the advantages of social media is way more higher than its disadvantages. As this provide opportunity that can change ones’ life.

  • Akhil

    August 17, 2021 at 8:10 PM

    As we all know that social media fastest way of communicate with people around the world where one can know any information across the globe. In this essay we’ll see how the benefits of social media are more significant than it’s disadvantages.

    The prior advantages of social network are communication and sharing a live news. First of all, communication is more important nowadays because it helps to interact with people over the world and also provides more knowledge about what others are not familiar. For example, any our family members goes out of station where the signal frequency is low, he cannot communicate with us instead he can use social platform connecting to nearest wifi and can contact with us. The next benefit is to share any news in live with the help of social media through instagram, youtube etc, they too plays a major role in spreading a valuable information that happened in another country or area. For example, during covid-19 few people don’t even know how to safeguard themselves from covid where some doctors who took that as a responsibility and shared their service by posting videos in youtube and instagrams. In this way the news can shared throughout the world.

    The main disadvantages are harming and insulting others. Firstly, social media is accessible to everyone and also it is more dangerous if we connect to unknown people. For example, if we approch new contacts in social platform they may blackmail and ask for money. The second disadvantage is insulting, as there are lot groups people insult other group members in order to highlight their own group members in socail network. For example in sports, one country’s people makes comments on another counrty people.

    In conclusion, I believe that the benifits of socail media outwighs the flaws in it by using social network in right way so that there will be no harm. Even though many people insult they can avoid them by unfollowing them.

  • Priyadarshini

    August 17, 2021 at 8:41 PM

    In the recent days, social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google, whatsapp and many more plays a pivotal role not only to communicate, but to know about recent news as well. While there are lots of benefits from this trends , there are considerable amount of drawbacks too. This essay will explore both the aspects of social media.

    To begin the positives, these sites introduce the world of virtual reality to people. As these sites/apps can now be easily available through smartphones hence connecting with our relatives, friends have become easier who are sitting a miles apart. In contrast, people have to stand in the long queue to hear the voice of their loved ones. For instance, as these sites are cheaper and faster people can make video calls to their family members on traditional occasions to feel their presence. Additionally, People can be aware of any news in a click. For instance, during lockdown of the country, use of social media played an important role to keep people updated about the current affairs sitting at home by avoiding use of newspapers.

    on the other hand use of these sites has some drawbacks too. Firstly, national and international connection demand a good strength of signal. If the network is poor, then contact cannot be established which can be problematic in limited network access areas.. Secondly, many cases of online fraud have been reported while money transfer, which could be eliminated by proper use of safety programs. Finally, sometimes people spread fake news which impacts a lot to the society; for example, sometimes a fake news spread through these sites portrayed in such a way which many people tend to believe to be true where as the actual incident could be something else. Despite these drawbacks, I believe slight awareness of people can assist in overcoming these issues.

    In conclusion, although the social sites pose certain threat to society in terms of robbery and wrong news, still it has many pros which cannot be neglected.

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