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  • Prevention is better than cure-Opinion Essay Question

    Posted by NIL Admin on June 15, 2021 at 9:46 AM

    • Spend at least 5 minutes analyzing the words and ideas in the statementmake sure your answer is a complete.
    • Answer which addresses all parts of the task
    • Give a clear opinionstay true to your opinion throughout your essay
    • Follow a safe opinion essay model

    “Prevention is better than cure”. Researching and treating diseases is too costly so it would be better to invest in preventative measures.

    To what extent do you agree.

    Is prevention better than cure? | Lightning Strike Prevention

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    Admin replied 2 years, 11 months ago 12 Members · 16 Replies
  • 16 Replies
  • NIL Admin

    June 15, 2021 at 9:50 AM

    Sample Disagreement:

    A government has various responsibilities to its citizens, perhaps the most important would be the health care. There are different approaches to this, namely prevention versus cure. This essay will explain why treatment is superior, using the case of tobacco as a clear example.

    Firstly, health education has its limits. Over the last twenty years, various western governments have attempted to discourage smokers by placing surgeon’s warnings and revolting pictures. Yet smokers still want to light up, therefore seriously questioning government endeavors of prevention rather than cure. Nevertheless, through the same period cancer treatment has improved considerably even producing beneficial spin-off discoveries for asthma suffers. Therefore treatment is not only more effective, it has also bettered other sectors of society.

    Secondly, even if prevention has solid evidence of being effective there is the common case of patients suffering by pure chance. For example, it is known that people can suffer from lung cancer having never smoked anything whereas someone smoking twenty a day can escape such illness. Therefore, even having followed government guidance, there would still be a need for treatment. In addition, if funds had been diverted from research for cures to education there would be little to help ‘chance victims’.

    To conclude, all though smoking has addictive elements, drawing from observations over various years it is clear that prevention has failed considerably. Furthermore, treatment can help those afflicted by pure chance, and even benefit patients with related challenges.

  • NIL Admin

    June 15, 2021 at 9:51 AM

    Sample Agreement:

    In this world, many people are dying from various types of health related problems due to the lacking of appropriate health education and preventive actions. That is why a government should expend a huge amount of money from health budget for cure-related education as well as preventive measure. It is agreed that this policy has a great number of benefits and this will be proven by analyzing economical point of view of a country and the health aspects of people.

    Firstly, many regimes spend an enormous amount of money in order to treat their people who are suffering from different types of serious diseases. This extravagance can be easily diminished when state commences of healthcare educational system by spending money to the health teaching system. As an example, if the administration perceives to their slums that smoking, drinking, and so on is bad things for human body through this educational program, many people will be not attacked by the severe sickness. This could save a large amount of money of the state. As can be clearly seen from this illustration that the idea may bring colossal economic benefit to the government.

    Secondly, many governments fight against several types of diseases, especially diabetes and the heart diseases. Before these health problems assault the people, it can be ceased by taking some preventive measure. For example, exercise, sports, entertainment etc. can decrease the chances to become these patients. Making parks, playground, and cinema hall can influence people to do exercise, which can protect the people from these intense sicknesses. This can be achieved by investing the money in preventive measures from health budget.

    In conclusions, this idea is indispensable not only to the people but also to the governments. However, the tremendous amenities of this policy fortify my argument. Therefore, a government should spend money for health education and preventive measure from health budget.

  • Rini

    June 15, 2021 at 10:38 AM

    It is during the global pandemic that we resonate the importance of simple preventive measures over getting one hospitalised for treatment.This essay will elaborate the need for prevention in the medical field and the effects of the hazards caused when we relied solely on curing the disease before it erupted.

    It is observed that after the coronavirus outbreak, wearing masks improved the health of citizens and this protected people from being susceptible to common flus and congestion but if we ponder about it, it was already being practised by certain countries and the ratio of them being hospitalised were way lower compared to the others not wearing masks. Washing hands diligently reduces the risk of contracting harmful germs thriving in your hands, again restricting ill effects occur in the body. We have a tendency to touch our palms over our face quite often and this is why sanitisation of hands acts like the first hand defence preventing germs from entering through our nose, eyes and mouth.

    Small preventive measures when taken seriously can avoid one running in and out of hospitals to find cure and often cure is associated with a barrage of medical bills or incomparable losses of our dear ones.It also brings into light how ineffective our medical equipments or infrastructure turns out in dire situations. Spending finances over preventive measures can reduces such risk.

    To conclude, although funds need to be allocated for prevention methods it is also important to invest in curing diseases as it is vital in the sustenance of life.Furthermore, it is important to expend money in the treatment of ailments as it is always not under one’s control to prevent all diseases that stumble one’s way.

    • NIL Admin

      June 15, 2021 at 10:51 AM

      improved the health..(safeguarded)

      Ponder Over

      It had been practiced by certain….

      Occurring in the body

      To touch our face with our palms…

      Turn out….

      Band Score: 4.5/6.0

  • Jasmeet

    June 15, 2021 at 10:46 AM

    Health is wealth. The way people look after their wealth should be implemented onto our health also. It is always better to take care of things in the prior stage which can worse later on. In this essay, I will be true to the statement that yes, ” Prevention is better than care.” using few examples.

    From our upbringing, it is always taught to us to take care of our health in numerous ways. For example, our mother keeps on asking us to wear warm clothes in winters, take umbrella in rainy season if going out. That is the first step taken to prevent any illness. In the same way, in this coronavirus pandemic, government is laying efforts to educate and warn the people of their country by asking them to wear masks if stepping out, to keep social distance, sanitizing and washing hands frequently to prevent getting sick from Covid 19 as the cure turns out very costly.

    The government should educate the people regarding all the preventive measures in the rural as well as slum areas where most of the diseases originate due to lack of knowledge. For example, avoiding smoking can prevent cancer, less sweet eatables can prevent diabetes. The more of parks should be constructed, playgrounds which can influence the people to do exercise and keep themselves fit and healthy. All this can be possible if more of funds would be invested and a certain budget should be allocated by the government.

    I would like to conclude by saying that better to avoid illness than to find ways to get rid of it as the treating and researching cost may be too higher that people end up spending their everything and left with nothing. Hence, more of health education should be provided to citizens by government as a part of their school curriculum to children, on the TV, radio shows etc.

  • Sri

    June 15, 2021 at 10:55 AM
  • Faizal

    June 15, 2021 at 10:58 AM

    In the globe, lots of people are dying due to several decease because of insufficient facilities and lack of education of curing it.This is why authorities should fund health education and experimental laboratories of curing diseases. This essay will explain why preventive measures are better than researching and curing it.

    On the one hand, our ministry spending bunch of money in experiments to treat and cure several diseases. Taking vaccines of different disease can help to stop it before its occurrence. It is advisable to provide vaccine of polio, after some days of birth of new born. There is no meaning of cure in polio disease after it occurred. Because of that the person will be permanently disable to walk or moving other parts of the body for lifetime.

    On the other hand, ministry spend enormous amount of cash on various health problems like heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure. These all can be prevent by providing proper knowledge of eating habits, teaching some routine exercises, and taking some routine checkup of food chains can result in reducing of health issues. For example, teaching individuals benefits of eating healthy food, making recreational areas for exercise purpose, and also regular checking of food quality of famous food chains can helps to prevent diseases. Treatment of these diseases is very expensive and painful.

    In conclusion, preventive measures are cheap and non-disturbing, while making cure of some health problem can irritate citizens and the regime economically and mentally. Therefore, government should spend big amount of money for health education and preventive measure.

  • rashmi

    June 16, 2021 at 12:09 AM

    Health is an omnipresent concern for humans since ages, promoting steps for thwarting of illnesses rather than massive avoidable expenditure needed for treatment so also the intrinsic research needed for it, is undeniably the need of the hour. In my perspective, avoidance of the disease per se ought to be pivotal in lieu of struggling for a cure thereof. This essay elaborates the major reasons for this opinion.

    At the onset, administrators world wide have been utilising the exchequer, in investigation and cure of diseases, often necessitated as masses indulge in un-healthy and sedentary lifestyles leading to several ailments like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, with almost 40% of the Indian population for instance, have been found to be suffering from one of these, as per a recent study conducted by a healthcare magazine. Had these people made little efforts to prevent, they would have necessarily avoided these unwanted repercussions. Protection of environment is an excellent analogy where saving a tree is much uncomplicated than planting and growing one. Likewise, immediate corrective steps, by providing sports facilities and recreational amenities in schools so also in work places, shall definitely aid the effective control of the peril itself and save the consequential financial burden on the state in providing treatment thereto.

    The healthcare system with laudable advancements in diagnostics, surgeries assisted by artificial intelligence and even robotics, however does not take away the tragedy so also the agony brought by sickness even as minuscule as a migraine. Moreso, ill health is accompanied by stress, anxiety, discomfort not only to the patient but to the entire family apart from the financial dent created in the resources of those affected. These accompaniments alone, are enough to inculcate the diligence and will power to avoid the occurrence itself, which will be advantageous for the country as a whole, enabling the pecuniary resources to be utilised more fruitfully. For instance, incidence of lung cancer which is widely prevalent, has been proven to be mitigated by quitting smoking.

    To conclude, it is indisputable that prevention should have precedence over cure in every aspect of life, more so in case of health, given the adverse impact of disease and its treatment, on the physical and financial well being of the society. Governments should focus on creating awareness about the preventive steps for different ailments to avoid the incidence itself.

  • rahul

    June 16, 2021 at 12:38 PM

    There is no doubt that researching and treating diseases is expensive and time-consuming. In my opinion, prevention can help reduce the expenditures and divert those resources in preventive measures.

    It is essential to consider the time and capital required to find a cure. Many countries don’t have enough allocated budget and manpower to do the research. They depend mostly on other nations for purchasing a vaccine or medicine which is low-budget and effortless. Furthermore, the cost can be lowered by reducing the impact with various preventive measures. For instance, keeping regular hygiene and exercising can reduce the risk of various chronic and heart diseases.

    Most of these suffering and issues originate from rural or slum areas where people indulge in unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles. The government should educate the importance of hygiene and spend money on providing affordable homes with toilets for people below the poverty line. Moreover, the resources can also be used in building parks, playgrounds, and numerous sports facilities which can influence people of all ages to take up physical activity, leading to a healthy way of life and avoiding unnecessary medical bills.

    To summarize, prevention not only assists us in leading an ideal life but also aids the government to utilize our hard-earned money for the welfare of society. In my view, the advantages of prevention outweigh the drawbacks of finding a cure and the government should begin tackling the issues by considering some of the solutions proposed above.

  • Karthika

    June 17, 2021 at 12:31 PM

    As the world becomes more interconnected with the growth of technology and social platforms, fact based information regarding healthy lifestyle are shared and followed by people. Undoubtedly, this lifestyle is embraced and endeavoured by most of the population, is to avoid any ailment or disease, and there are significant reasons behind this fearful embrace.

    Firstly, one common quality that most of the humans poses, with respect to bodily discomfort is low endurance capacity, especially with kids and elder citizens. We force ourselves to be fit, by practicing yoga, exercise and following diet plans, just to refrain from pain. For example, when my nephew was suffering from toothache, which could have been avoided by consuming less sweets, chocolates and proper dental care, we panicked and rushed to dentist for root canal and filling treatments. Eventually, my nephew averted all sweets, evidently to avoid suffering.

    Secondly, affordability, plays a vital role in destitute people not only with their survival but also with health problems. It would definitely devastate them, when they confront any costly treatment or surgery, along with other factors like family support and parental responsibilities. Unlike affluent society, impoverished people’s mental agony is more on monetary aspect than on physical pain. One such instance happened to one of my acquaintance, she had to leave her father die, who was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer, because of huge treatment cost.

    Conclusively, people are definitely not immune to body ache, unless they are superhero’s or godly beings. We all if not respond at least react for any pain, which stimulates us to take proper care of ourselves. Obviously, this care prevents us from both physical and financial serious consequences.

  • Karthika

    June 17, 2021 at 2:12 PM

  • Abhi

    June 17, 2021 at 7:03 PM

    Research and treatment of diseases are highly expensive, so some people think that investing in areas of prevention would be more appropriate. In my opinion, disease prevention is paramount in providing a healthier and a happier society, research and treatment are vital as some diseases are not preventable.

    One good reason why the authority should invest in preventive measures is because it is a sure way to a happier and a healthier society. There should be screening for early detection of certain diseases, as cancer, is very costly and can only be accessed by a few individuals. If funded by the government, almost everyone would benefit, enhancing equality and creating happier people. A healthier nation would emerge resulting in an increased number of individuals who are physically fit, a greater workforce.

    An increased workforce means a boost in the economy, which is very important, especially for any country that wishes to be leading.

    On the other hand researching and treating a disease condition is vital as some conditions are not preventable. To illustrate, hypertension and diabetes mellitus are known to be familial, and therefore would need adequate attention in the area of cure. By so doing, much financial burden would be relieved from patients, increasing their life span and reducing mortality rates. Also,funding a research work is very essential.

    In conclusion, while it is essential for the government to fund a disease control because of its role in ensuring a better nation, the importance of researching and treating diseases should not be neglected is because some ailments are not preventive, and through research, new and effective methods of managing a patient are generated.


    • Admin

      June 18, 2021 at 3:30 PM

      Feedback: Need to work on cohesive devises & approach as per question’s requirement. Avoid being repetitive as few sentences were found in the same structure (use of would), Less use of range neither found any example. (everyone would benefit, enhancing
      equality and creating happier people.)
      Band: 2.5/6

  • Shyam

    June 17, 2021 at 7:21 PM

    Before this pandemic developing countries government leaned toward to defence. But these days every country has increased financial budget of health and education system. Now governemnts also know if they educate their people how prevention is fruitful than cure. In below para I will elaborate more about disease outbreak, road and machinery safety.

    Few years back, only few seminars were conducted by authorities about road safety like wear helmets on two wheeler, drive a car in own lane, follow signpost and use zebra crossing and it worked in tremendous way.

    It is truthfulness that people who did some preventive measure in this pandemic like maintaining social distance, used alcohol based sanitizers, not doing gathering and wearing a mask were safe and restraint this disease and other side who show frown not take prevention pay a huge loss physically and financially like paid large amount in hospital and were bankrupt.

    Although some people argue that it is totally waste of money, time and overload on budget, so rather than doing these should construct hospitals. People will not understand these preventive methods as these are long-term beneficiary.

    So in conclusion, small preventive steps can help us from big problem. And government should focus on small seminars, advertising, hording with showing affect of diseases as they did on tobacco, H1N1, cancer and smoking with displaying image or lung, mouth. These give sudden impact on people mind.

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