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  • Task 2 (Opinion based) : Capital Punishment

    Posted by Falak on June 2, 2022 at 12:51 PM

    Without capital punishment (the death penalty), our lives are less secure, and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

    You should write at least 250 words

    Falak replied 1 year, 7 months ago 15 Members · 28 Replies
  • 28 Replies
  • Kapil

    June 3, 2022 at 10:50 AM

    These days, crime has grown rapidly due to a lack of gaps in the judicial system, so it is argued that violence could be decreased by the capital punishment which is also proven by some countries where they implemented the same, therefore I completely agree with this statement and will discuss furtherly with examples.

    To begin with, nowadays the violation has increased in many nations which should be under control because citizen doesn’t feel secure in this environment which is also impacting on the reputation of the country. For instance, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the world where the crime rate is around 5% because they applied capital punishment for criminals, thereby locals live peacefully without any fear, and even ladies feel more secure alone to go outside of the home.

    Besides that, it is necessary to have belief in the judicial system by the population, because nowadays, a plethora of countries could not close the criminal cases in a timely manner, so folks don’t get justice on time, thereby, the government loses the trust of them, on the other hand, it leads to making another misdeed by the crook. i.e., In South Africa, lots of violation cases are in the pipeline to take decisions, so it becomes difficult to stop the illegal activities and it is out of control for two decades.

    To conclude, it is high time to take the necessary action by the authority by applying the strong regulations which help to reduce the crime, so citizens can live at peace in the nation.

    • Falak

      June 5, 2022 at 8:28 PM

      because (a) citizen

      feel secure in this (delinquent) environment

      Besides that,(enforcement of laws such as death penalty for capital offence is necessary…) it is necessary to have belief in the judicial system by the population,

      Feedback : Paraphrasing has been done well, Task achievement is there. Though cohesion and coherence seems to be bit compromised as both body paragraphs are emphasizing on bad condition and government needs to do something (this something is “capital punishment”) , probably one linking idea would present your essay in better manner. Vocabulary certainly has room for improvement. Rest is fine.

      Band: 4/6

  • Manveen

    June 3, 2022 at 1:56 PM

    In today’s world, where crime is multi-folding, many believe that the death penalty is a better idea to have a peaceful society. Whereas, I discord this notion owing to the various reasons given below like everyone has equal right to live and many more.

    First and foremost, it is intuitively obvious that ending life would surely never give any chance of improvement to an individual, further leading to devastated families. To put it in other words, if a criminal suffers from a mental hazard or some certain circumstances due to which he committed the crime, it is astray to chastise him and not give him the opportunity to improve. Additionally, a death sentence is a punishment more for the relatives as they are left alone to struggle and face discrimination. For instance, numerous capital punishments are turned into life imprisonment where an offender has a chance to work on him. Thus, it is plausible that putting a full stop to someone’s life is not a reliable solution.

    Furthermore, knowing the end makes a guilty fearless which eventually leads to a disturbed society. To add on, a pathological criminal continues with heinous crimes without being bothered about the punishment as he knows he shall be hanged. All this could pave pay for a very insecure social circle where everybody would be scared to move out. For example, a murderer can keep hunting and slaying as he knows the punishment for killing one or more is same. Hence, it is intro-controvertible that other means of refinement ought to be opted.

    To conclude, after agglomerating the aforementioned writing it is right to state that mankind is in danger due to the increase in criminal activities, that is why, many argue to adopt methods of eliminating offenders from the earth. However, I take a hold that everybody should have ample chances to be an ideal citizen and the capital punishment must be removed due to the reasons given above.

    • Falak

      June 5, 2022 at 8:38 PM

      struggle and face discrimination (in society)

      example in B.P 1 , is giving a concession statement , but an addition of linking idea before that example will make it more justified.

      Good use of vocabulary, task achievement is there with accuracy. Keep writing!!

      Band: 4.5/6

  • vigneshwar

    June 4, 2022 at 12:44 AM

    In contemporary world, we are in vulnerable situation due to increase in violence. There are speculations that Capital punishment is the solution to bring down the violence. However, I am inclined towards providing an opportunity for the offenders to plead their guiltiness by inculcating right moral standards and virtues in them.

    Firstly, In my opinion, Executing the offenders is inhuman. The main problem of increase in violence are people are not nurtured with proper moral values right from their childhood and criminals are not getting proper rehabilitation while they serve their sentence. Criminals can be given second chances to realise their mistakes by providing counselling to them. Based on the severity of the crimes which they committed, they can be given lifetime imprisonment and involved in proper rehabilitation. After regular assessment, if the authorities feel offenders possess right virtues, they can be released to live in society. So Instead of instilling the fear in society by giving death penalty to criminals, rather, Government can focus on improving the overall basic moral standards of the society.

    Most of the crimes in our country are committed by inebriated individuals. Giving capital punishment to offenders won’t inflict fear in them as they won’t take it as a major concern for doing the illicit activities. Imposing Extreme punishments for crimes can make people dreadful to live in the society. For instance, When talibans came to power, they enacted lot of severe punishments like beheading, stone pelting which left the people traumatised. Being unable to tolerate this adverse condition, people flee to neighbouring countries as refugees.

    To conclude, I would like to say that curbing the crimes using capital punishments can be futile. Because it will not create harmony in the society due to apprehension. Instead Government can focus on improving the moral standards and virtues of prisoners by providing proper rehabilitation.

  • Mohammad Hafeez

    June 4, 2022 at 2:11 PM

    Whether Capital Punishment can make our live safe and secure have been a topic of discussion. In my opinion it is not right path to pursue, whereas it just leads to loss of life without giving a person to another chance. Life imprisonment can be right alternative for capital punishment.

    Executing a person to death never justifies a crime, Moreover these practices results in loss of lives along with crime. Criminals should be definitely sent to jail, however a chance should be given culprits by engaging to them through various programmes designed by psychologist and experts, so that they can understand consequences of their action to society. For instance in my town town a young lad made headline by committing murder, although he was jailed where he realized his crime and came out early of the jail by earning a law degree which gave him a new motivation towards life.

    On other hand, Converting capital punishment into life imprisonment can be a suitable decision in the eyes of humanity. This is evidenced that during Life imprisonment suspects are engaged into various works in the prison and even they can educate themselves by using libraries. By the large, instead of their death they can contribute by producing goods in workshops of Jail, which can benefit the society. As far I know, lots of workshops are there in most of the prison such as carpentry, welding, electrical e.t.c

    In conclusion, Culprits should be punished, however capital punishment are not the right justice. Various other paths can be adapted discussed by me in the essay, which will surely help to shackle the evilness in society.

    • Falak

      June 6, 2022 at 8:26 AM

      it is not (the) right path to pursue,

      without giving a person to (“to” is not required) another chance

      justifies a crime, Moreover(,) these practices

      these practices results (result) in loss of lives along with crime.- subject-verb agreement

      however a chance should be given (to) culprits by engaging to (“to” is not required) them through (in) various programmes designed by psychologist and experts,

      however capital punishment are (is) not the right justice

      Feedback : There is strong need to work on prepositions and subject-verb agreement.

      Band: 3/6

      Keep writing!!

  • Sahil

    June 5, 2022 at 1:58 AM

    It has been a majoritarian belief that capital punishment leads to impeccable public safety and reduces violent crimes. This essay strongly disagrees with this notion and provides supporting facts and theories to disprove this belief. Historical research and criminology studies tell us that the amount of wrongful convictions for the death penalty as a result of lousy investigations is still a prevalent issue. Additionally, the inhumane measures of exonerating culprits can never be justified.

    Wrongful convictions, in other words, death to the innocent, amount to no less than cold-blooded murder. The study of crime and investigation has proved that there have been numerous cases in different countries where an innocent person is being convicted for the death penalty due to inefficient evidence or inconclusive investigations. For instance, in the pre-DNA era, a lot of people were convicted purely based on circumstantial evidence and it is only after DNA evidence was put to test they were posthumously pronounced not guilty. In many cases, DNA evidence is not even retested since the person is long gone and no one is left to fight for their innocence. Even with modern-day DNA technology, there is always a margin of error that could wrongfully convict someone of something they did not commit and there is no bigger crime than that.

    Modern-day measures of inducing the death penalties such as lethal injection, electrocution chair, or hanging are no way a person should seek death. Being in a powerful position does not give us the right to kill someone that too in an inhumane manner. In a study conducted by the Criminology depart of MIT University, it was noted that in certain cases the standard dose of lethal injection does not kill the convict and as a result, the dosage needs to be increased. This only prolongs the death and as a result, the person is kept under insufferable circumstances for hours until they are dead. This kind of methodology is unimaginable and cruel and no one should undergo such treatment.

    In conclusion, I stand by my stance that the death penalty leads to no good and should be abolished. It does not leave a scope of rehabilitation to the convict who may have a chance of living a meaningful life in prison. Life imprisonment can be the only alternative to Capital punishment. As human beings, we have the right to live in dignity and also die with dignity.

    • Falak

      June 5, 2022 at 8:51 PM

      death to the innocent, (?) the whole idea revolves around death penalty to innocent people , but question is regarding whether it should be implemented or not , may be the presentation of idea is not that clear and is creating ambiguity

      Beautifully concluded. Lexical resources ; good job !!

      I just have small concern with cohesion due to the above mentioned issue.

      Keep writing!

      Band: 4/6

  • Abhay

    June 5, 2022 at 2:57 AM

    Society has different opinions on awarding death penalty. It is argued that capital punishment is a necessity for a more secure society. I believe, there is no doubt that awarding capital punishment is directly proportional to reduction of criminal activities and this essay will support the statement.

    For starters, heinous crimes are soaring in today’s world and capital punishment keeps the criminals and their notorious activities in check. According to a news article in New York times, every 2 minutes a girl is being raped and every 5 minutes someone is getting murdered around the world. It is clear that extreme punishment makes the community a safer place to live. Many countries of middle east such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai have adopted capital punishment for the evil crimes committed. Although this seems to be atrocious by some, it has significantly reduced the number of criminal occurrences since past two decades.

    Moreover, because of a threat on life, the motivation to continue living a life of an offender will diminish. For example, Think about a child who grew up in an environment with older delinquents. While he will think that it will be easy to get away with a crime, it will encourage him to rob someone or perhaps kill for survival. With a knowledge of consequences of the actions, it will deter the person from continuing living a life of a lawbreaker.

    To conclude, from the above passages it is comprehendible that death penalty is historically proven to be effective in alleviating capital offences and will continue to make the world a better and a safe place for humankind to exist.

    • Falak

      June 5, 2022 at 9:10 PM

      vocabulary (society, capital punishment, criminals)

      For starters, (To commence with,)

      Feedback : Task achievement and coherence is clearly visible. Though Lexical resources definitely need to be improved as many words have been used repeatedly. You may try the synonyms or sometimes sentence structure can help.

      Keep writing!!

      Band: 4/6

  • Krithiga

    June 5, 2022 at 11:23 AM

    In this modern era, judicial murder is necessary in order to reduce the number of crimes and to live a peaceful life. In my view, I completely agree with the statement as the death penalty will serve as a warning note for criminals to prevent from doing repeated crimes and also ensures law and orders are followed strictly to maintain peace and harmony in the country.

    To begin with, the death sentence is necessary to reduce the violence of the crimes. A good instance of this is that children in a school in Texas, United States were shot by a stranger accidentally in recent days resulting in several deaths and severe injuries. In order to control such heinous crimes, people deem that it is the most effective way to address the issue by introducing the death penalty. Furthermore, this kind of law and punishment ensures that ordinary citizens can live without fear and violent individuals are kept away from creating havoc. For instance, there are certain crimes which are beyond correction such as raping a girl child, this kind of incident should never be allowed to be repeated. For such kinds of capital offences, we need to have capital punishment to make our society secure and safe.

    Moreover, I reckon that capital punishment is necessary as it is an effective deterrent to many major offences. According to many, the best method to keep unlawful acts under a tolerable level is to show people the consequences of their misconducts and felonies. For example, many Asian countries, including Singapore, have controlled drug trafficking and drug dealing by enforcing death penalties for such offenders. The result of such rule implications has been astounding and all of those countries have alleviated the drug trafficking and drug dealing problems to a staggering lower level.

    To conclude, in spite of some emotions and agitations against capital punishment, I believe that it proves to be the best method to make our society witness a much better place to live in.

    • Falak

      June 5, 2022 at 10:00 PM

      I completely agree with (to) the statement

      Keep writing!!!

      band: 4.5/6

  • Ashley

    June 5, 2022 at 5:05 PM

    Capital punishment is considered to be the strictest punishment around them . The person who commits a wrongful crime is being awarded by the court authorities or ruling countries depend on what crime they had committed. This essay agrees with the statement. Although many people had committed different types of crimes and stricter laws needs to be implemented in this country.

    In the first opinion, hate crimes have been happening in many parts of the world especially in the developed and developing countries. For example if we say about Texas school shooting in the United States as mentioned in the BBC News the shooter was bullied during his school days and this leads to the dangerous crime. This happens because gun laws in the United States is not much strict as followed in other countries.

    On the other hand, the judicial system is very dull sometimes stricter in other countries as some people cases are being pending for many years depending upon the countries rules and regulations. For example if we compare a judicial system between India and Saudi Arabia, as we say that Saudi Arabia follows Sharia law and the crime rate is lower than India as it follows the judicial system and the cases gets delayed and take years to deliver justice and the crime rate is increasing day by day.

    To conclude, it is the wakeup call for the citizens and the government to reduce crimes by creating awareness among each other to stay peacefully in the country, if everybody starts to follow the right path, crimes will decline especially in one day.

    • Falak

      June 6, 2022 at 8:37 AM

      The person who commits a wrongful crime is being awarded by the court authorities or ruling countries depend on what crime they had committed. This essay agrees with the statement. Although many people had committed different types of crimes and stricter laws needs to be implemented in this country. ( the sentences and the ideas behind these are somehow incomplete)

      if we say about Texas school shooting in the United States as mentioned in the BBC News (,)the shooter was bullied during his school days

      This happens because gun laws in the United States is (are) not much strict as followed in other countries.

      Feedback : The entire essay is tangential to the question, crimes and current situation has been mentioned. Hardly any sentence is talking about capital punishment, the main question.

  • Nitish

    August 29, 2022 at 11:13 AM

    In modern era, Crime has become a severe issue throughout the society. People argue that to restrict the brutality and serious crime, death penalty should be must to enhance the sense of security in citizens. To a great extent I agree with the statement, this essay will elaborate the importance of capital punishment to balance the social harmony.

    To begin with, if there is no strict punishment for furious criminals, people often loss their trust in judicial system which may create the chaos in country. To exemplify, US was facing the high crime rate in 80’s due to their anti-death penalty law and there were lots of gang war and looting through out the country. Then government realize to revoke this law and sentence capital punishment to five gangster of that time who was having murder, looting and rape charges, and suddenly the crime rate drop down by fifty percent and violent crimes came down by eighty percent, subsequently the faith of citizens restored in government and judicial system. Hence, it helped to maintain law and order situation in community.

    Secondly, if there is no rigid forfeit for severe criminal activities like murder, rape, and looting. It could boost the confidence of criminals and they will keep attempting the unlawful activities, but if they know that could be hang to death for their offences, it will definitely terrify to the offender before committing a crime and may stop him/her to do so. For instance, once a robber went for looting a bank in Italy but was caught red handed by a security personnel, the Guard warned him that he may get death penalty for the act, and we will free if surrender. He handed over himself to the security and the robbery avoided. So, the fear of death to the criminal saves him and the bank both.

    To conclude, to control the brutal crimes from community capital punishment should be applied, which will develop the sense of security in honest citizens and at the same time it will terrify to the blatant offenders.

    • Falak

      August 30, 2022 at 10:34 PM

      To a great extent (,) I agree with the statemen

      sentence (sentenced) capital punishment to five gangster(s)

      who was (were) having murder, looting and rape charges,

      suddenly the crime rate drop (dropped) down

      it will definitely terrify to (“to” is not required) the offender before

      the robbery (was) avoided.

      the criminal saves (saved) him

      Feedback : Task achievement , coherence and cohesion is there though I believe response includes mainly compound sentences , try to add range in structures , and there is need to go through past tense. Certain words were repetitive (looting, brutal ) otherwise effort in lexical resources is appreciated.

      Keep writing !!

      Band: 4/6

  • Shreyas

    August 29, 2022 at 5:48 PM

    It is observed that some individuals that have committed dreadful crimes in their life have repented it and have taken actions to better their life, when provided with suitable environment as well as circumstances presented. Although, it is considered that the only thing that should be given to such individuals is the capital punishment in order to reduce the violence as well as maintain the security of lives.

    This essay disagrees with that opinion and will state the reasons for it.

    To begin with, in every period of time capital punishment was used to reduce crime and violence, but despite all that individuals were still able to do the heinous crimes. Firstly, every person deserves a second chance to redeem himself of his deeds. As a matter of fact, most of the criminals have chosen the path of redemption when properly rehabilitated as well as given an opportunity to live with respect again in society. Therefore, it is important to show mercy as well as provide a second chance.

    On the other hand, to truly improve the security it is important to study the minds of criminals and identify the root of problem. Firstly, the police force should be trained with how to implement effective investigation as well as interrogation strategies to identify the guilty of the criminal case. But in order to do so studies of how the criminal mind works, what environment where they brought up to and were they indoctrinated, must be done to support the choice of strategy. Failing to do so, it is very easy to sentence an innocent person for the crime that he did not commit. For instance, a recent case of a person who was accused of raping a teenager was given death penalty, but due to incompetent and weak investigation it came into light that the individual was innocent whereas the guilty was someone else.

    To conclude, some criminals should be considered for rehabilitation or imprisonment rather than death penalty. Furthermore, psychological as well as analytical study, if possible, of these individuals must be carried out to enhance the security force’s knowledge regarding identification of criminals.

    • Falak

      August 30, 2022 at 10:52 PM

      as well as (has been used almost everywhere, there is wide range of connectors , you are advised to use those)

      but despite all that(,)

      himself of (for) his deeds.

      studies (study) of how the criminal mind works,

      Keep writing!!

      Band : 3.5/6

  • Eram

    August 29, 2022 at 8:50 PM
    • Falak

      August 30, 2022 at 11:04 PM

      Paraphrasing could be more effective

      it is hard to distinguish “u” and “o”

      no one has the ( “the” is not required) forgotten

      this twenty one (years old)

      be pronounced ( this is not the right word to use here, may be to give the “verdict”

      “Handwriting” can become a trouble as the certain letters are not clear. I would suggest to consider computer based test. Sentence structure could be more effective.

      Band: 3/6

      • Eram

        August 31, 2022 at 1:48 PM


  • Shubhum

    August 30, 2022 at 2:57 PM

    All over the world, criminal activities become a major issue for each and every citizen to live a safe life in the community. It is often argued among some people that capital punishment is significant to manage violation in the community but in my point of view, I totally disagree with the term of death penalty. This essay will portray us about how can we reduce criminal activities without implementing death penalty. To embark upon, capital punishment is carried out against convicted criminals who has been found guilty of commiting heinous crimes should be given life imprisonment. To exemplify, in gulf countries death penalty is a common stuff among their people but if any tourist who came across the world to take a tour of gulf countries it become so difficult to follow the rules and regulation of that country. Although,it seems like a threat for the tourist because of lack of freedom. I would like to suggest that gulf countries have to make some changes in their judiciary system or law. On the other side, most of the people believe that implementing capital punishment should increase crime rate in higher level. They think that capital punishment is not a solution to make a crime free nation. Therefore, the children have to follow their parent’s principles or values to developed and build a strong country. Furthermore, govt. have to also worked on their advanced technology to stop the criminal activities for an example, cctv camera is beneficial to catch the culprit etc. To conclude, it is cleared that there is no need of capital punishment in any nation. Hence, we have to change our mindset to think about how can we grow our nation.

    • Falak

      August 30, 2022 at 11:24 PM

      , criminal activities (have) become a major issue

      who has (have) been

      who came (come) across

      capital punishment should (will) increase crime rate

      in (to) higher level.

      to developed (develop)and build a strong country.

      govt. have (has) to also worked (work) on

      feedback : Use proper paragraphing (introduction , different body paragraphs), second reason has not been developed fully and is looking for further explanation. Make use of complex structures and even work on basic sentence formation

      Band: 2.5/3

  • Sebanti

    August 30, 2022 at 6:28 PM

    These days crime rate has increased drastically, therefore it is believed that the death penalty is the only way with which the crime rate can be controlled, and which is already proven in many counties of world. I also strongly believe that this is the most powerful way to restrict violence in our country as the capital punishment will create a fear and also will send a strong message to the population.

    To begin with, many incidents in the recent days are the examples of imbalanced societies. Those are like killing someone’s own mother or planning a murder of best friend due to immaturity. These incidents can be only controlled if there is a fear of life imprisonment or death penalty as a punishment of such crimes. Young generation will be scared before committing these kind of crime, and the life of innocent people can also be saved. Hence, capital punishment is mandatory to implicate a fear among the people who create such violence.

    Moreover, it is also proven in many Asian countries like China, UAE that death penalty is effective for controlling the crime rate, as these countries have very lower rate of violence. In addition with, few countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore have controlled drug dealing by imposing death penalty. Thus, violence is effectively controlled if the capital punishment is endorsed by a society.

    To conclude, in spite of some emotions and agitations against capital punishment, I believe that it is proven to be the best method to make our society witness a much better place to live in.

    • Falak

      August 30, 2022 at 11:28 PM

      these kind of crime(s)

      make use of grammatical range especially the sentences.

      keep writing!!!

      Band : 4/6


    September 9, 2022 at 5:52 AM

    Although the law and order of a nation are established and work for the safety of citizens, potent criminal punishments are also paramount to reduce the rate of criminal offenses and to improve social security. This essay elaborates the notion in detail with an effort to consider capital punishment to some extent.

    Wrongdoers often have a tendency to repeat crimes and they did not bother about the judiciary punishment, which had placed the society under risk of repeated offenses. Therefore, if the court produce death sentences for serious crimes, then this repetitive violence will go obsolete. For instance, Pakistan judiciary system has such a method of death sentencing in the cases of felony. I simple words, capital punishment on these most dreadful cases might warn the lawbreakers to not to so a second time and thereby guarantee the safety of people.

    However, due to certain humanitarian concerns, many social activists stand against this penalty and suggests to go for minor imprisonment or juvenile home care. What these activists proclaim is that the life of an individual is not in the hands of any human being, hence human are not ought to take the life of another human. Unfortunately, this viewpoint seems invaluable as it unknowingly supports the offenders to do the same maleficence in future also. Therefore, at least for certain crimes such as spying against own nation, terrorism, and female trafficking, the accused must be penalized seriously with no second thought on the beliefs and humanity.

    To recapitulate, the aforementioned details press me to say that along with the usual penalties for minor crimes, if the evidences and witnesses support, major offenders should undoubtedly be sentenced to death for the safety of society.

    • Falak

      September 9, 2022 at 11:03 AM

      Although the law and order of a nation are (is) established

      they did not bother (are not bothered ) about the judiciary punishment,

      , if the court (court/legal system/judiciary system/law authorities) produce (considers) death sentences for serious crimes,

      then this repetitive violence will go obsolete.( will diminish)

      due to certain humanitarian concerns (on humanitarian grounds)

      suggests (suggest) to go for minor

      human are not ought to (should not/ must not)

      I reckon

      repeated usage of word “safety” , you can use harmony, balance, well-being, protection

      Band: 3.5/6

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