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    Posted by Manprit on April 13, 2022 at 1:22 PM

    Young people are leaving their homes from rural areas to study or work in the cities. What are the reasons? Do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?

    Manprit replied 1 year, 12 months ago 5 Members · 6 Replies
  • 6 Replies
  • Divya Bharathi

    April 14, 2022 at 1:02 PM

    Now days, most of the adults are migrating to cities from their native for study or work purposes. Although, they are many job opportunities seen in cities rather rural places, still there are few drawbacks comes with that. In the following essay we will discuss why it is rather important to migrate to cities for education or work.

    To begin with, many people move to cities from rural areas for various reasons. Most importantly, due to the abundant opportunities that available in major cities. Once, when a student joined in an institution in city space, he will make many acquaintances and the individual’s personality is well groomed due to the influence of the environment. For instance, one can realize the real life challenges the individual poses when exploring the place alone. However, this brings them closer to their passion as they wished. Moreover, when being independent, one can feel the freedom and they will grow through the tough situations.

    On the other hand, they are many students and working professionals who suffer a lot without knowing the real situations that they may encounter such as adapting to new environment and false job opportunities. In few cases, most of the individuals who moved to the cities, find it lot more difficult to sustain in the new environment with the above mentioned issues. Also, many family businesses will be deteriorated in the rural places due to adults who are not there to overlook the business.

    To conclude, I believe that younger generations should explore the job opportunities or experience the best education format in cities, which is far better than those in interior places. But, still one need to understand the difficulties that comes along with the new environment.

    • Manprit

      April 14, 2022 at 7:21 PM

      Add :native places

      error: although there are several

      avoid using the term ‘we’

      avoid using personal pronouns for explanation like we/him/he/his./she /.her

      grammatical errors noted: do not add a comma before ‘but’

      NOTE: Work on the layout of explanation/add suitable terms and avoid personal pronouns

  • Siri

    April 14, 2022 at 10:01 PM

    Nowadays, urbanization is increasing drastically. In search of new jobs and quality education, young people are migrating from rural to urban areas.. Though, moving to cities has many advantages but it also comes with disadvantages. In the following paragraphs, I would like to give my reasons for advantages and disadvantages of migrating.

    To begin with, In comparison to rural areas , cities provide a lot more opportunities to many young people. The young people are more attracted because the educational institutions in cities provides a stellar education, better research facilities and a good exposure to the world. Cities usually provide a diverse environment which helps one to grow and learn in life. The income one could earn is much high in cities, as most of the multinational companies are situated in the developed areas.For example, based on the recent survey conducted by the universities, has shown that many young people migrating from native places to cities has increased to 35%, when compared to last 10 years.

    However, Young people move to cities with more expectations but in reality, the problems they face are much more worse. Due to increase in population in the cities, the employment rate is decreasing. In cities, fraud activities takes place regularly.Moreover, Young people who moved from their native places to cities, has to work hard to catch up with the urbanites. Most of the migrated young people, finds difficult to survive in the city environment.

    In conclusion, Urbanization provides lot of employment opportunities and a good education to young people but they must be aware of the difficulties and fraud activities they had to face.

    • Manprit

      April 21, 2022 at 1:50 PM

      add :to it

      form an outline statement without the usage of ‘i’

      mention: several opportunities

      avoid unwanted capitalization in some places

      NOTE:well tried/work on minor grammatical errors /add more explanation to the body 2

  • Shweta

    April 15, 2022 at 1:35 PM

    In the contemporary world, it can be seen that most of youth is migrating to metropolitan cities. It is opined that the majority of the younger generation is moving out of their houses in rural areas to find better employment and educational facilities. In this essay, will explain the reason behind this increased number of emigrants and critically examine how the benefits of this migration of youngsters overweighs the drawbacks.

    To start with, there are two main fundamental reasons behind this relocation, such as lack of universities and fewer jobs in the remote villages. Thus , young ones have to shift to urban places to find high profile work and to get numerous options of education, which is commonly expected by any multinational companies to heir. Young people who moved out of their houses have more opportunities to have a high end job compared to those who stayed in the countryside.

    Although, there are a few demerits to the movement of young rural people to towns, on the flip side, there are plenty of merits to this trend. Firstly, they will be having a high quality of life in the city in comparison to their rural habitat. As most of the organizations are more likely to be situated in the developed areas, hence, adolescents will have far more work opportunities in these metro cities. Therefore, they are more likely to get handsome money and widespread occupational exposure as well. In addition to this, all the well-known colleges and universities are established in big towns, So they can enroll themselves in a variety of courses to improve skills and achieve success and personal growth as well. This will also, give their families in villages a sense of appreciation as well as support.

    To conclude, there are many positive aspects of the movement which overlook its negative points. Even though life in the countryside is peaceful yet it lacks so many opportunities and benefits which are the basic necessities in this competitive world.

  • Shubhangi

    April 21, 2022 at 3:05 AM

    It is common in the young generation to leave their village house for educational and job purpose to achieve their goalin their selective categaries. This describe the reasons behind leaving and then will out the comparison between its merits and demerits.

    To begin with, there are plenty reason why young people shifting towords city, one of the reason is grab quality of education becouse in rural areas educational system is lack in quality in every aspect like schools and colleges have limited source of instruments specially in practical subjects. For example science related fields need more tools and practical machineries but in rural area this needs are not fullfill, also some lecturer have limited qualification and that affect bright students. Such educational buildings also provide specific fields but after drastic changes in learning skills youngsters desire to explore different courses and achiev thier dream jobs. In case of job villages have mainly small skale industrise that gives very few employment to native people and that is not satisfied for young pupil. Therefor, young people leaving their homes and moving to metro cities.

    Furthermore, the diadvantages are more than advantages of this migration , young people temted towords standard of living in urban area but it creates caous in many ways. City are getting more crowded than before, its not easy not to manage such huge crowd it may creat more difficulties in future. Currently people are facing traffic polution, lack of natural reasurces like water supply becouse it is very hard to supply on time. Somehow it incresing competition in job market and that leads to do anykind of work in small amount of salary, this also couse to inflation rates , demands are increasing and supply is limited, property rates are getting high in todays date. This contrast the situation in villages abandon, they are facing many problems during this migration.

    In conclusion, as youth has different mindset to move city in search job and good quality education . But there are a number of negative sides more than the positive sides. Hence, in my opinion, people should creat more employment in villages and government should improve schools and colleges and aslo provide basic needs to needy people to reduce bad effects from this movement.

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