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  • Nileshkumar

    March 31, 2022 at 10:19 AM

    Fear of punishment should be there.. as we have seen rules and regulations no is following now a day’s. also our laws are not that much strict and hard so people easily bypass and accept it.

    For eg. We have seen the naxalites issue are not settled down and its increasing day by day. This is just because criminal are ready to accept the punishment. If we have strict action of plan on punishment then people will have fear in their mind. They will rethink multiple time to choose the wrong path

  • Prakash kumar

    March 31, 2022 at 1:31 PM

    Yes it’s modify the human behaviour,but the other hand must off the people trying to escape those thing, I think in our society lot of peoples are suffering from anxiety & depression & they do not controll their angryness . Thats why if he/she hear something bad things about him sudernly they are angry & because off angry they do something bad to other people’s.

    I think we should more conscious about our mental health & angry controll therapy & adopt strict laws against criminal activities.

  • Pravriti

    March 31, 2022 at 1:58 PM

    Punishment certainly do modify human behaviour and yet it becomes necessary to impose it to create a sense of fear. An adequate amount of fear becomes necessary to keep an individual grounded so that he/she doesn’t take things for granted. This eventually helps in living a discipline and a fruitful life. The amount of punishment should depend on the type of felony or misconduct and shouldn’t be over exploited. As much as punishment (of right kind) is necessary, I believe reward too is equally important to modify human behaviour as it encourages one to stick to the good deeds and inculcate benevolence, which inturn can act as a motivation for others.

  • tandra

    March 31, 2022 at 3:49 PM

    Human behaviour which creates problems for own or others is punishable behaviour.

    But question is that punishment or fear of punishment can change human behaviour?

    There are different types of punishment. Such as corporal punishment, financial punishment or emotional punishment. My perception punishment can’t change human behaviour.They will pretend that they changed. It impacts temporarily. But if we want to change permanently, we should go for the cause. Every thing happens cause and effect formula. Some are open some are hidden.

    Every life is important . Every life is unique. So our moto will to flourish every one.

    Our social awareness. Proper parenting, proper skill of living will remove this social hazards.

    No one left behind. No one born as criminal. Environment & nurturing makes them.

    So I believe right philosophy ,education, will transform our inner self.

    Only punishment will never change human behaviour.

    Thank you.

  • Praneet Kaur

    March 31, 2022 at 4:07 PM

    Punishments are an imposition of unpleasant outcome by an authority against behaviour that is undesirable or unacceptable. Punishments or its fear is needed to bring a change in the behaviour of humans.

    Human behaviour is very unpredictable and it cannot be easily influenced. In my opinion punishment can be a sort of enforcement that can shape people’s actions. If a child is punished for a mistake, he/she will be able to recall the consequences of committing that mistake when a similar situation arises and this will change their behaviour. In a way our mind is able to associate with practical incidents more than mere theory. An Adults mindset is difficult to change as they already have strong beliefs and habits of their own. But if we devise a strict punishment mechanism like criminals being hanged to death wherein no loophole can save them, can instil fear in people and push people to change their behaviour. Humans are affected by losses more than gains and if we can use this in changing behaviour, punishments will be able to influence human behaviour.

    To conclude, I would like to say that yes punishments can change human behaviour and there’s a need to devise correct punishment mechanisms for different people depending on the degree of crime/ mistakes done.

  • Revathi

    March 31, 2022 at 7:34 PM

    My opinion is Most of the people change his behavior’s with fear of punishment than having punishment. for our every mistake have a punishment either it is execution, fine, penalty, hanging, imprisonment, cousiling to punisher or realization (the true punishment for punisher is the realization they carry that load life long)

    Suppose the topic between the student and teacher…. Student submits their projects on time, if they don’t submit on time the teacher may not be give grade or promoted to another section. So that is in the fear of punishment to student from teacher.

    Suppose the topic between the parent and child….i hope everyone has been facing this situation either parent or child. Child doesn’t want to do homework…. Parent offers or orders to children, children with the offers or with the order (that is fear of punishment or expectation) they do their works on time.

    Worker does their job on time with the fear of punishment from boss, may be boss never give increment.

    Prisoner in jail followed by guards and police commands due to fear of punishment,if they don’t obey them they loss of chance to release from jail…

    Sevant and owner if servant may not be do their duties,owner remove them so this this the fear of punishment.

    Slaves, people in the kingdom are under the fear of punishment from king.

    SO WE ALL UNDER THE YHE FEAR OF PUNISHMENT IN EVERY SECTOR OR ZONE. most of the people are faced this situation in our daily life but we never agree it…. If you recheck one of your day you can understand it easily…. May be it is good for us we never disobey the rules because of fear of punishment that’s all.

  • Kiran

    March 31, 2022 at 7:45 PM

    Fear of punishment should change human behaviour because it is the only way to feel guilty. Usually I see that many people cross red signal and they don’t feel bad .they don’t give any type of pantly than after what should we done ?

    I am suggesting one thing we are doing to give to knowledge of signal light . Parents should be strict with children for there mistakes.

    Second type of issue that rises many times in ours country is Rape in every city . Section 375 Indian penel code according to punishment to culprit it take more time. Person is free from rape case because it’s gave too much money .

    In these type of problem only one solution is there take decision fast and give severe punishment .

    We should guide ours Children’s about the lows and Respect the girls and some type of fear are there inside all person.

    Thank you.

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