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  • Sheeba

    August 30, 2022 at 2:17 PM

    With the advent of newer technologies taking the centre stage, it is clear that obsolete ways of doing things have been replaced by utilizing the modern tools at hand. In recent times, online shopping has drawn great attention to its promising potential for the complete replacement of traditional forms of purchasing. This essay will get into the specifics of why buying items online is a better option despite the lack of personal touch.

    To begin with, it is considered that e-commerce websites have become a preferred option mainly due to their ability to save time. Not only do individuals save a portion of the money due to hassle-free checkout alternatives but also get access to a wide range of discounts along with coupons. Amongst the varied options on the websites, buyers receive extra perks of timely customer care services and uncomplicated returns. A majority of professionals that are subsumed in their work claim that similar sites like these have led them to be more relaxed to pick up other pastimes. Generally speaking, e-commerce websites have become a great source to shop anytime along with impressive convenience.

    On the contrary, the offline mode of shopping can lead to higher stress and greater spillage of cash due to a myriad of shops to choose from. A common opinion is that the customers that prefer this mode face a higher probability of wastage from purchasing irrelevant products. The information the customers share during a billing is controlled in nature, yet ensures a speedy process. Consequently, shopping from home is not favored by several people owing to the possibility of a breach of privacy. Few shoppers admit to being hacked occasionally which permanently swore them off from shopping in virtual stores. As you can see, a significant population still exists that supports offline shopping.

    To conclude, this essay argued why most physical stores have not lost their essence, despite the blooming growth of online stores. Although some favor traditional methods of buying items, I believe purchasing items virtually has a better edge. I agree that shopping from distance can aid you to procure items to one’s desire with no heed to time as well as serves as a helpful money-saving technique.

    Overall- 6.5 bands.

  • Vishwas

    August 30, 2022 at 2:25 PM

    It has been observed that technology is growing day by day bringing something new in market which is helpful for humankind but which also is a threat for them in many other ways. Out of all kind of innovations online shopping is the most successful minimal yet a great invention for buyers and sellers but it has also become a threat for offline market. These things will be further elaborated in the essay, that what are the merits and demerits of Online shopping.

    Online Shopping was available to people from many years but it was not been used that much. But in some recent years it has been boosted because of covid-19 and having an easy approach to smartphones which helps in online shopping majorly. These days most people have become lazy and they do not prefer to go out for shopping that frequently, it’s an alternative which is comfortable and saves a lot time for people in their busy life. But it brings many kinds of threat to offline market or shops, as the business of many sellers has become worse. Online market brings so many great offers or discount, which is not possible in offline market. But looking at how online market works in detail it can be said that it’s not a threat it’s an advantage.

    For instance, Amazon is huge company which is only sector from 2010, it has never been an online market who creates products they just buy from sellers all-around of world and make it available for buyers in any place of the world it’s just a link between buyers and sellers belongs to different places and they are buying from offline market only then how can it be threat to them. It just affects the small shops of the same region or area not for whole offline market.

    So in conclusion, I do not agree with the statement that offline shopping is vanishing because of online shopping. It may be affecting some shops but It is not completely affecting whole offline market.

    Conclusion- lacking in task response.

    Thesis statement- quite informal

    Overall-6.0 bands.

  • Lakshya

    August 30, 2022 at 5:36 PM

    Online shopping is rapidly increasing these days not only in cities but in villages also.
    It is generally said that online shopping will take place instead of ordinary shops.
    This essay is going to discuss about how online shopping is going to be a large market whereas ordinary shops will keep on existing.

    To begin with, shopping is the need for everyone . It has been observed that people are finding it easy to shop online
    because they feel it is hassle free task. One can return or exchange their products at their home as per their convenience. Now a days
    grocery and vegetables are also being delivered at door to door and it is saving the time of working professionals.

    On the other hands, there are still some people stuck on ordinary shops due to their convenience. Some people found a challenge in choosing,
    exchange and returning the product. For instance, people claimed that their product has not been returned despite multiple followups with E-commerce company.
    It has been also observed that some of them have got wrong and defective products as well.

    To conclude, it is true that online shopping is being essential in terms of discount and availability of wide range of products but it will be hurry to say
    that online shopping will lead to closure of ordinary shops. Personally I think that, people are finding more convenient to shop online rather than going to ordinary shops.

    Coherence and cohesion is missing.

    lacking in ideas.

    Overall- 6.0.

  • Terej

    August 30, 2022 at 11:11 PM

    ​Nowadays, advanced technology eased people’s life in respective of selling and purchasing products or services, as a result, there is an expansion in e-commerce, which effected physical stores to disappear in urban and rural areas. This essay will argue why I moderately disagree with the changes this has brought to retailing outlets though there are a lot of benefits to electronic shopping.

    To begin with, there are a lot of factors that lead to an upsurge in online business than the normal pattern of shopping. Firstly, people got in numerous choices in regards to the products and services that are offered with great discounts at their doorsteps by ordering them online without any hustle of moving from shop to shop. Secondly, It has saved time, journey, and fuel costs to reach the markets, in addition to that online shopping act has one shop solution for all the needs of materialistic needs. For example, I have ordered everything online during the covid-19 pandemic with contactless delivery, which has fulfilled my needs within the mentioned time frame. These are the reason, why people prefer online shopping though lots of shops are available within the reach.

    However, we can’t ignore the offline shopping merits because of the practical reason behind it. An old or younger generation or illiterate person cannot opt for an online pattern of purchasing things and the supreme quality of the products can be felt only by touching or seeing in our nacked eye before buying it, which cannot be possible while choosing it online. furthermore, many times visiting shops could give the satisfaction of purchase and allows us to bargain accordingly. For instance, I brought a beautiful cookery pot in the open market for less cost with great quality but the rate for the same product online was very high. theses are the few reasons why a lot of customers still prefer to shop in stores than online, which led outlets to survive though online shopping popularity peaks.

    To conclude, it’s clearly evident, that virtual shopping is a bone to mankind in today’s world and its advantages override the benefits of the traditional method of shopping for a different reason, this has caused a lot of stores to shut down the business or changes the aspects of merchandise. I think, the trend of visiting stores will likely exist nevertheless increase or decrease the rise in online merchandise.

    please evaluate mam.

    thank you!

    -Using ‘I’ is not recommended.

    -It is -naked

    -Lack of Lexical resources.

    Overall- 6.0 band.

  • bhanu

    August 31, 2022 at 2:48 PM

    -Please check your wordcount.

    -Coherence is missing.

    -Good use of connectors.


    • bhanu

      September 5, 2022 at 10:39 AM

      @Ishween kindly evaluate my passage.

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