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  • Writing task 2 (Direct/Two-parts question)

    Posted by Falak on August 30, 2021 at 5:32 PM

    Some parents buy their children whatever they ask for, and allow their children to do whatever they want.

    Is this a good way to raise children?

    What consequences could this style of parenting have for children as they get older?

    Falak replied 1 year, 10 months ago 8 Members · 11 Replies
  • 11 Replies
  • Arjun

    September 1, 2021 at 11:27 PM
    • Falak

      September 11, 2021 at 1:22 AM

      Introduction needs to be more clear.

      B.P 1 : even demands luxuries/ luxurious cars

      and to achieve them swiftly (delinquently)

      which might lead family bare (bear) the consequences

      B.P 2 : example could be more relevant and needs to be adherence with topic sentence

      Band : 3/6

  • Nitish

    September 12, 2021 at 7:04 PM

    A child’s mind is naïve and wants to explore this world in the way they want. Thus, to keep them happy, some parents purchase all the things they demand and allow them to do whatever they want. I disagree with this idea of children’s upbringing as it makes them stubborn. When they become adults, they will find it harder to cope with life challenges. In this essay, I will discuss two repercussions of this type of child care and its after-effects on children in the later part of life.

    First and foremost, buying things without need make them stubborn and affects the parent-child relationship. New things available around children entice them to buy them without considering their usage or price. When parents start to agree to their demands then it will make them habitual of getting things in their pockets even if they can’t afford them. Once this habit is inculcated in them, it would be very difficult to say no to them. This further leads to awful relationships in the longer term. For example, gaming gadgets are too expensive and are also not good for children to use for long hours but parents have to buy that for their child when asked, even if they are aware of their disadvantages.

    Secondly, the behavior of children is directly proportional to society. Even after knowing about the wrongdoings of their children if parents don’t stop them from doing it, they will never come to know the difference between right and wrong. Therefore, once they become adults their wrong acts will start to impact society and its people as well. For instance, parents encourage younger generations’ desire to start driving the car even before getting a driving license, trends show that most of the accidents are done by minors only.

    To conclude, nurturing children in a better way is very important for their life and to be a responsible citizen of the society. Therefore, parents should guide their children of their wrong-doings effectively and help in understanding their needs and interests before just grabbing everything they demand.

  • Roshini

    October 7, 2021 at 12:02 PM

    In today’s society, some parents are becoming increasingly permissive. They do not impose sufficient discipline on their children, and in some cases buy them too many things. However, that is not a good way to raise children and it will have negative impacts upon them in the future and this essay will explore these.

    While it is understandable that parents want to give their children expensive toys and let them run freely in the streets, this is actually not really an appropriate method of parenting. In other words, Having too many toys encourages children to be materialistic and does not offer them the same change to develop social skills like sharing. Furthermore, when children have asked for the toys, it gives them a sense of entitlement and even power over their parents. For instance, giving children too much freedom, there are obviously many challenges in this world from which they need to face.Moreover, Children also need rules and boundaries to encourage them to develop into mature and responsible adults.

    If parents insist on this permissive style of parenting, their children will grow up with very different values from those of stricter parents. Therefore, Children who were never forced to study will end up with poorer grades in school, and those who were given everything they wanted as children will expect everything to come easily as adults. For example,, they will lead difficult and disappointing lives, in contrast with what their parents hoped.

    In conclusion, although it is tempting to give children whatever they want, parents ought to set rules and boundaries, and to be careful with how they reward children. If parents fail to impose a basic level of discipline, children may grow up with a poor attitude that will cause them and others to suffer

    • Falak

      October 10, 2021 at 11:30 PM

      Feedback. : Example in Body paragraph first could be more elaborated.

      Therefore, Children (children) who were never forced to study.

      Band: 3.5/6

      Keep practising!!

  • Manveen

    May 17, 2022 at 10:11 AM

    People, these days, are struggling hard in order to provide a rich brought-up to their offspring. Some believe that fulfilling the child’s demands and agreeing upon everything asked by him is good, whereas I stand with the other half as all this could make the kid more demanding also he would not value things. Not only this, it could also have long-term deficits where a grown-up child could have behavioral issues and would also be inclined towards materialistic things.

    First and foremost, it is intuitively obvious that agreeing upon everything will make the kin adamant about his needs also he will show less or no importance towards the things. To put it in other words, once a child understands that the parent would show agreement over all his ethical or unethical demands, he starts forcing the guardian for every little thing and would never utilize it properly. For instance, numerous kids have been seen bored playing with newly bought toys because they know they would soon get another.

    Moreover, all this could show its after-effects even when the child gets into teenage or adolescence where he would not be social and disrespect every relationship. To add on, a person would not be able to adjust himself to a society where he has to accept many things. Additionally, he would not respect any relation. For example, recent news was heard where a son murdered his father only because he refused to get him his desired car.

    To conclude, after agglomerating the aforementioned writing it is clear that giving a yes to everything longed for by a child can surely make him stubborn in his demands, in addition, he would lose interest in the longing soon. All this could have un-ignorable results where an individual loses his interest in human relations and stays busy in his own philistine world.

    • Falak

      May 18, 2022 at 12:37 PM


      repeated use of “also” in introduction leading to monotonous structure.

      parent would show agreement

      would never utilize it properly.

      they would soon get another.

      where he would....

      a person would not be able to adjust…

      he would not respect a

      he would lose – repeated structure throughout the essay.

      Feedback : Task achievement , coherence and attempt to use lexical resources can be easily observed and appreciated. There is improvement , but there is requirement to work more rigorously on sentence structure

      Keep writing!!

      band: 3/6

  • Sheeba

    August 23, 2022 at 2:03 PM

    Unlike the obsolete format of parenting adhering to strict boundaries, most parents these days believe in the prominence of choosing the free-willed type of parenting style. In this essay, I will be discussing my opinion of boundless parenting to give a logical outcome.

    Although picking a style of parenting is directly proportional to your set objectives, permitting your children to have the liberty to be themselves could lead to more confidence and autonomy. They develop a distinct relationship based on requited admiration and their need to feel heard and respected is fulfilled. As blossoming kids that pick up cues on myriad aspects of this society, it is essential for them to understand that their choice matters. As a result, they become strong individuals with self-respect and social skills. For example, at age seven, my niece had the liberty to choose her playdates and this aided her in improvising her social development. I have witnessed her becoming more empathetic, more understanding, and having an overall holistic development over the years.

    Although this type of parenting is supported, it has the detrimental effects of becoming stubborn and materialistic. Occasionally, minors find it arduous to compromise even daily facets of life that they become audacious and uncooperative. For example, if my niece’s choice of eggs is not fulfilled for a day, she throws a fit and turns the house upside-down. Unless the eggs are brought, she stops consuming her food. This form of freedom beyond a certain dosage can become toxic. Keeping that in mind, I firmly believe it can be treated via communication. Helping these children through gentle, yet honest conversation by making them realize that they are wrong can prevent them from reflecting the same pattern.

    In conclusion, parenting with freedom is good for children and it can help them become much better adults in the future. On the contrary, an over-saturated exposure to choices can have damaging outcomes but it can be worked on. But, the infants that have been exposed to this at an early stage in life grow up of their own accord, with their rules, and successfully contribute to society. In this day and age, that is very pivotal.


  • Poonam

    August 24, 2022 at 2:42 PM

    In today’s stressful world, parents are so involved in their working life with such a less time for kids that they prefer to meet all the demands made by their offspring even if it involves buying the expensive items. Though parents feel dreadful to let their children do whatever they want, but the fact is most of them do not have a choice. In my opinion, this kind of behaviour not only ruins the habits of adolescents but also makes them more stubborn.

    To commence with, accepting the demands of youngsters every now and then have cumulative effects especially, on their personality traits. Firstly, the children do not understand the difference between cheap and expensive things as things are readily available to them as per their desire. Secondly, in the long run there could be a strong possibility that they display the sign of aggression, if they are restricted to do whatever they want.

    For Instance, when my nephew was quite young, my sister used to get a toy for him everyday while returning home from the office. This has not only spolied his habits but also increased his expectations.Although, by nature he is quite a well-mannered boy however, we were surprised to experience his anger and agitation for the first time,when we failed to meet his request for a high five video game. If my sister would have refrained from offering a new toy on a regular basis, the attitude of my nephew would have been incredible.

    To conclude, it entirely depends on the individuals to decide how they would want to handle the ever growing demands of their offspring, yet in my opinion if parents continue to listen and buy them things they want, it will result in huge detrimental effects to their emotional well-being.


    September 21, 2022 at 4:46 AM

    Permissive parenting promotes complete freedom for children, yet such a child-rearing method cannot be observed as positive, since it brings struggles in future with career irresponsibility and social-life. The following paragraphs analyze this parenting technique with the appalling aftermaths.

    Firstly, see why the other kinds of child-minding stand against whole freedom for kids? The answer to this question would eventually rectify that non-restrictive style of upbringing is damaging. In other words, when the father and mother take a less-burdened approach toward their child, at times of any faults, the kids will undoubtedly see the situation favorable as there is no authoritative figure to correct and guide them. Hence, these kids build an easy-going as well as non-fearing mindset, moreover, such a comfortable circumstance would results in cumulative repetition of mistakes. Indian parenting style ratio can be relooked for a clarification, where only 20% of whole Indian families seem permissive,

    Furthermore, if the family meet all their child’s wishes, by the late adolescent period, they grew up like arrogant and stubborn with its’ aftereffects on not only academic but also on jobs. For instance, single parents often chose to loosen their authoritative rules set on their kids, unfortunately, these off-springs showcase more absenteeism and fail to follow organizational rules and hierarchy chains at workplace. What’s more, the free-minded parents can simply ruin their children’s profession. In addition, as long as the guardians act permissive for all the demands, the children will be inept in money management and in moral values such as sharing and caring.

    In conclusion, it is crucial to think about permissive parenting style as this child-caring type is observed to be detrimental for the children with the outcomes of cumbersome social living as well as low-grade professional performance.

    • Falak

      September 21, 2022 at 10:49 AM

      rectify ( may not be the right word to use)

      such a comfortable circumstance would results (result)

      family meet (fulfills)

      \they grew (grow) up like arrogant and stubborn

      with its’ (its)

      but also on jobs (on career prospects)

      single parents often chose (choose) to loosen their authoritative rules

      inept in (at) money management

      Great use of lexical resources. Well-done. Take care of the points I mentioned above

      Band: 4.5/6

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