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    Posted by Anureet on September 14, 2021 at 9:09 AM

    Some people think that teenagers should concentrate on all subjects at school. Others believe that teenagers should focus on the subject they are best at or they are most interested in. To what extent do you agree?

    Sheeba replied 2 years, 9 months ago 16 Members · 28 Replies
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  • jaidheesh

    September 14, 2021 at 10:35 AM

    Some people believe that adolescent children should give attention to all subjects at school. Whereas others are of the opinion that most of these children should give their attention to subjects they are good at and most interested in. I agree with the former as if children are not taught all subjects, they would not know which subjects they would enjoy and decide to later pursue on.

    By learning all subjects, the teenagers will get a big picture overview of all the core subjects. Had they not been introduced to these stem subjects earlier on, they would not have an idea of topics that would later be interested in. Teenagers are in a growing stage, and everything is new to them. They can grasp knowledge more quickly, and it is the right age for them to learn such subjects. In order for them to adapt and learn about the world, they need to be formally taught all the basic theories about the main subjects. This will help them gain an overall picture and generate interest where they can choose a relevant field for them to specialize in.

    The knowledge they gained in schools about all subjects will help them in their careers and daily lives. Like for instance in jobs where they will work and mingle alongside engineers, accountants, medical doctors. Having the basic idea of all the subjects will help them make better decisions in their day-to-day lives. The everyday knowledge which we take for granted is got from these elementary subjects that are taught in schools. Basic knowledge must be taught in schools for this reason as it helps people converse and mingle with everyone in society.

    To conclude, by teaching all subjects in schools the teenagers will get an idea what to pursue in his career and also will help in his work and daily life where he has to interact will all walks of the society.

    • Anureet

      September 20, 2021 at 12:14 PM

      INTRODUCTION: Whereas- don’t start your sentence with whereas as it’s a continuation of your previous sentence. Include it with the previous sentence

      BP 1: big picture overview- write either big picture or overview

      that would later- that they would later

      BP 2: is got- is obtained

      BAND SCORE: 3.5/6 Keep Writing!


    September 14, 2021 at 12:43 PM

    Adolescents should pay more attention towards the subjects in which they have more interest, this is thought process of few people whereas few still believe that they should pay equal attention to all the subjects during school days. I also believe that the school going children must pay equal attention to all the subjects in place of focusing only on few subjects.

    School’s education builds a strong base for the children. It is children’s responsibility to focus on each and every subject which will help them in future. Strong base will help kids in making a better future decisions as to in which subject they are good or which one they do not have interest.

    I have seen some children who initially do not like science or mathematics because they have a fear as it is considered as on of the toughest subjects but once they start focusing on basic formulas and they learn basic concepts thoroughly than gradually they start liking these subjects and find it easy also they might make a career in the same field.

    If they will not give to those subjects which they do not have much of interest than without giving time they will not know and they will not be bale to explore themselves in that specific subject which might be very interesting for them in future. Even though if they do not proceed with few of the subjects they never liked or they could not understand well but if they know the basics than as it is said knowledge never gets wasted and it may help in future. This will also give a confidence also in future to face any situation well in future if it is related to those topics or subjects they did not like but they know well what was it about.

    I would like to conclude here as focusing only to those subjects you like may not be good for your children’s future while paying equal attention to each subjects will help them to increase the knowledge repository which will help them in future.

  • Gurleen

    September 14, 2021 at 1:42 PM

    Some people affirm that school going children should concentrate on all the academic subjects during their school times, while others argue that children should solely focus on the subjects they are keen on pursuing in the future. In my opinion, I am convinced that students must be more inclined towards enhancing their skills in subjects which interests them the most but I also agree to the fact that knowledge to all the subjects is crucial.

    To start with, exposure and learning of all the core subjects at school is vital for the growth of a child. Unless a child is made aware to the basic topics which have a greater practical application later in life, there will be a huge gap in the learning curve of the child. Additionally, in the growing stage of their lives they must be exposed to all the aspects of life before they decide to choose one stream. If the child is not given an overall picture of the basic subjects how would they make a decision of what is better for them?

    On the contrary, for the believers of focused training at school, children must concentrate on the subjects they want to pursue later in life. Once a child identifies his interest, he must be given a platform to enhance his skills in that field of interest only. The schools can play a great role in shaping the career of its students if they begin to start training students for the entrance exams of the specialised courses. The subject specific training can boost the skills and enhance the productivity of students in their majors. For instance, it is believed that youngsters who start preparing for the entrance exams of engineering after their 10th grade perform way better at exams than those who start coaching late.

    In conclusion, I would concede that interest based trainings are crucial to prepare a child for his future. Despite this, teaching all the subjects is important to give students a fair idea of what interests them the most.

    • Anureet

      September 20, 2021 at 12:20 PM

      BAND SCORE: 4.5/6 Keep Writing!

  • Abhishek

    September 14, 2021 at 11:35 PM

    Hi, mam opting for a pen-paper based exam, therefore, I have attached the PDF.

  • Divyanshee

    September 17, 2021 at 5:36 PM

    Some people think that attention should be paid to all the subjects by the adolescents at school whereas some believe that the children should only focus on the subjects that they like the most. According to me, all the subjects are important in a student’s life. The subjects which are taught in the school form a foundation for the carrer of the student and that’s why it is important to pay equal attention to all the subjects.

    People often advice the students to solely focus on the subjects that they like but the introduction to each and every subject at the school level is a basic requirement that a student should get, this will not only help the students to choose their subject wisely in future but also help them to explore the wide variety of carrer options that comes with the subject that they study.

    It is necessary to study several subjects at once to have a complete study formation. Education programs are carefully chosen and selected for a reason, which means that every single subject is important and relevant in the student’s life. For instance if a student decides to study and be committed only to economics, but not maths, there will be a point where in order to solve statistics questions, basic maths will also be needed. Therefore, the student will lack in this aspect and this will create a problem for the student to cope up with the subject.

    In conclusion, paying attention to only the subjects that students find interesting might be convenient to some extent but in my opinion, it will be beneficial if they try to focus on all the school subjects that are being taught as it might provide them with an integral formation that will help them in future.

    • Anureet

      September 20, 2021 at 8:46 AM

      INTRODUCTION: in the school- at school

      carrer- career

      write main points in your thesis statement

      BP 2: the student’s life- a student’s life

      write more diverse ideas

      BAND SCORE: 3/6 Keep Writing!

  • Yanshi

    September 27, 2021 at 7:52 AM

    Some people hold the opinion that adolescents should pay attention to all the subjects taught at school. On the other hand, some people believe that adolescents should only focus on subject that lie in their interest area. I agree with the former statement as students need to be taught all the subjects so they can form a basic understanding in each subject which is crucial for the choices they make in future.

    A child develops most of his basic understandings and ideologies from what he is taught at school. Therefore, it is necessary that a child is given ample exposure in each subject so as to decide where his interest lies in. Children are often double-minded whether they want to pursue a career in a particular subject or not. If they don’t have a basic understanding in all areas and subjects, how will they be able to make a correct choice about the subject they want to pursue in future?

    If a child solely focuses on one particular subject, leaving other important subjects behind, he will not gain any practical or theoretical knowledge in those subjects, thus losing opportunities in future. Every subject is crucial and offers something to learn, be it practical or theoretical, and to be able to make right choices for oneself in the future, it is crucial to have knowledge about all the subjects taught in school.

    Therefore, I am a firm believer of the fact that for quality education, it is essential to focus on all the subjects, thus saving oneself from future regret of not opting for the right career.

    • Anureet

      September 29, 2021 at 9:03 AM

      Introduction- add main points to support your thesis statement

      BP 1: exposure in- exposure to

      Conclusion- summarise your main points

      Band Score: 4/6 Keep Writing!

  • Mohit

    September 29, 2021 at 9:30 PM

    A lot of experiences, pertaining to the studies materials , are being done in our country , but the nucleus of all the experiment has now become that either all the subject need to be included in the curriculum or students should choose the subject according to their strength and interest. Well this essay will glimpse upon the importance of deciding the subject by the student, by their own.

    ‘A graduate should has the knowledge of all the valuable things which they will face while paving the way of their successful carrier’ is the quotation , oftenly quoted by the supporters . And they also emphasis it by illustrating further that a science graduate is not going to make his carrier in the field of science only. There may be the demand of commerce graduate in market , which will certainly prevail the commerce graduate and then he would have no other option, but to be left behind. Thus the necessity of teaching all subject are justified.

    ‘Junk of all is master of none’ ,on the other hand , is quoted by the opponents . They believe that students can do wonder, if they are allowed to choose the subject of their own interest. The path of the success is always open for the masters. Illustrating the same they speak that as the student is the only one who know its own interest better then any other and an independence choice for the subject , he is going to studied , will be proven like ‘icing on the cake’ and he , by focusing on his key area , can make his own path of success. Thus let them choose their carrier by their own.

    At the end of the discussion , I also make my self convinced that student should has the right to choose the subject, they are going to study. As they are well versed about their grips, and sufficient aged to decide their carrier , they will definitely make their way to get success.

  • Seema

    September 29, 2021 at 9:31 PM

    These days, more and more people are making the choice to get admitted their children where the student can select the subject based on their interest. while some people are of the opinion that the student should concentrate on all the subjects at school. I strongly believe that in school, students should learn each subjects which are being taught and not as per the interest of the student.

    It is certainly true that the main aim of the school is to make the student brilliant and educated in every manner. It is quite obvious that different topics can help increase knowledge in teenager as it’s the best time to pickup anything very quickly that has been taught and many parents believe that reading all subjects can help grow a child in many aspects. For example If a child is in school getting 8 classes in a day, so he/she will learn 8 different topics from 8 different teachers, everyone has different values and way of teaching, which can help the student to learn more topics.

    However, some people thinks that students of teenage should get the subjects of their choice, which will definitely make the student perfect but only in a particular subject or activity where he/she is having keen interest and not in different subjects which a teenage students should be aware of. For example If a student having interest in only few particular subjects cannot go for civil service examinations as it includes all the basic topics from school days or say teenage knowledge is must as it includes varieties of questions which cannot be answered by the student who has studied his choice of subjects in teenage.

    To conclude, I believe that one get an option in college life or while doing post graduate to choose a specific subject of their choice to proceed with the further studies so why shouldn’t a child in his/her teenage study all the subjects which can help to increase their basic knowledge about different topics such as science, history, geography etc. I insist that all the parents should go for all the subjects which are being taught to a student in his/her teenage.

  • Maninder

    September 29, 2021 at 9:33 PM

    Expertise in a particular subject in which a student is interested in and knowledge of all subjects will be good for the growth of a teenager. Some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all subjects at school instead of the one they are interested in.

    Each teenager has a special quality of learning which makes him superior to others in that respective fields. Teenagers must give extra effort to the subjects, which they really enjoyed while studying. Till the time young students reached a particular age, they will become experts in particular fields and the same will leads to great success in that area. For Eg. There are some students which are good at calculations or in numbers, we should advise them to put their efforts into Math and accounts instead of science as they love working on numbers which will lead to greater efficiencies and expertise in thier filed

    In the era of globalization, countries are closely connected and talent pools are flexible for their job location. In the current scenario, corporates are hiring those people which have a solution-oriented approach, Like their expertise in a particular subject, however, they also have knowledge about all the fields which could impact. Parents should impart the habit of flexible learning of subjects in the school only so that they can adjust to the changes in the macro-environment in long run.

    To conclude, parents should advise their young children to put extra efforts for subjects they are interest in and at the same time impart habit of dynamic learning of other subjects for a better future.

  • Mithusha

    September 29, 2021 at 9:37 PM

    This is a discussion regarding the thoughts on students concentrating on all subjects is important, and on the other handful, people believe focusing on the subject where it is his/her strong suit is the best to practice. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and give my own point of view.

    Nowadays, parents and teachers think that all-around development is important to children and they force the child to focus on all the subjects from their school, even though when the child is not interested. For example, many parents focus on scoring the highest marks in their examinations and on being competitive, this might cause a lot of stress to the child, in a long run it affects their interests in studies. Also, there is an advantage, children may be well-equipped to have the ability to enroll in a prestigious university. As a result, there are more opportunities to get a high-paying job.

    On the other hand, there are a few advantages and disadvantages of children who focus on their best subject. For instance, if children concentrate on their interesting subject, they might grow to be a professional in that field. Many reports said that when children interest in a particular subject, they do their best on their own and become a specialist in their career. However, there is a drawback. It is said that when a student over focus on only one subject, there is a chance of struggling on other subjects, which eventually might lead to getting very low marks. And exposure to many important skills on survival would be missed when concentrating on only one subject.

    In conclusion, children might become specialists in their careers, if they focus on an interesting subject, but I strongly believe that focusing on all subjects is important for their development and creates various abilities to shine. This would help them towards a career in the future.

    • Abhinav

      September 29, 2021 at 9:54 PM

      Even though (when= not required) the child is not interested

      I would like to talk about your structure a little bit.. Do not mix advantages and disadvantages in the same paragraph. This will lead to mark downs in coherence. The first and the second body paragraphs you did the same thing. When you are talking about the advantages just focus on the advantages and describe disadvantages in the next paragraph. This is a grave mistake in IELTS writing.

      I couldn’t find so many grammatical errors though, which is a good thing, however I did not find proper use of lexical resource as well. Try including some good words and evenly spread them out.

      Band score weightage: 3.5/6.0 (most of the points deducted due to structure)

      • Mithusha

        September 29, 2021 at 9:57 PM

        Sure, I’ll improve. Thanks, Abhinav.

  • hari

    September 29, 2021 at 9:42 PM

    Many subjects have been taught in schools since ages. While some opine that younger one ought to focus on every subject, remaining believe that students should give importance to subjects that they are fond of. This essay will emphasis on the importance of learning every subject. Also, throws light on pursuing specific subjects. Eventually, I will state my opinion.

    On one hand, as we are living in the time of dynamic transformation wherein change in rapid technology demands for expertise in multi-disciplinary fields. As a result, it is always advisable to have basic knowledge in every field. Therefore, we must learn every subject in school which serves as a foundation for future learning. For instance: Although I was keen of science, I also studied Mathematics, statistics, I didn’t realize the value of those subjects then however; being a scientist I have to apply the principles of both Mathematics and statistics at present in order to evaluate my experiments.

    On the other hand, learning all the subjects consumes bulk of our study time which we can harness in concentrating on subjects we are interested in. Besides, we are unsure whether we would continue studying the subjects that we are not interested at in future. For example: I had to learn Sanskrit in my intermediate which I never came across until now. Alternatively, I would have invested that precious time in focusing on other subjects.

    Overall, having a knowledge about multi-disciplinary subjects would be of help in future. However, studying irrelevant subjects can be counter-productive. Considering both points of view I still believe, that learning all subjects is preferred choice because it enhances our horizon of thinking. Besides, we may not understand the value of every subject in school life.

  • siddhu

    September 29, 2021 at 9:44 PM

    Childrens are considered to be the building blocks of the society. Some section of people believe that It is imperative to guide them in the right path during their academics, where they should be focused on all the aspects. However, some opine that they should be given freedom to chose their domain of interest and proceed further. I strongly agree on the primary notation, this essay will focus further on this context and conclude with a concrete opinion.

    To embark on, firstly, Education of children is very important and need to be guided appropriately. In other words, they should be exposed to all kinds of fields and nourish them to perfection. Basically they should be rounded rather than being self-centered. For instance, they are receptive at this age and exhibit interest in learning new things without any egos and dissatisfaction which helps to bolster and expertise themselves in majority of the domains and prepare them for the tough path ahead.

    On the contrary, Having specified skill sets has more disadvantages over the other. Move over, we are in competitive domain and overall expertise would always have huge positive impact in their career growth. People will be languishing and contemplating in a particular field as a result end up in less employment opportunities. In this evolving world, although you are a master of a defined area yet, you should be cognitive for your survival. Good illustration would be, we would come across everyday a numerous employment requirements stating of an opening in a specialized field, however a declaimer would be given on overall adept skillsets, stating that these are good to have. This indirectly forsake the header requirement, rather than looking for multi tasking expertise instead.

    To Conclude, from the aforesaid statements, in my opinion, children are little buds and should be guided appropriately, this would help them prepare for the challenges in their future career assignments otherwise this would go oblivion.

    • Abhinav

      September 29, 2021 at 10:08 PM

      The word cognitive is not used in correct context. Should have made a different sentence or use a different word.

      This indirectly forsakes a requirement

      This is a pretty good essay. Tried to use a lot of good words. Coherence in cohesion is also good enough. Try not to make these simple grammatical errors next time.

      Band score weightage 5.5/6.0

  • Yankita

    September 29, 2021 at 9:57 PM

    Teenage is that stage of development that prepares a person for the future. A school going teenager is none less than a warrior. Some people think that school-going children should concentrate on all the academic subjects during school. On the contrary, others believe that children should focus on the subjects they are best at or interested in. According to me, students should focus on enhancing their skills in subjects that interest them the most, but I also agree that knowledge of all the subjects is crucial as it will help them earn their bread and butter.<div>

    But when teenagers are interested in or good at some specific subjects, they will get motivated and explore the detail of the courses by themselves. As they always say, “your passion can become your profession”. Once a child identifies his interest, he must be given a platform only to enhance his skills in that field of interest.

    Though by this, I do not dignify the importance of the subjects taught at school. Education programs are carefully chosen and selected for a reason, meaning that every subject is important and relevant in the student’s life. Plus, school subjects act as a foundation stone for the future. Therefore we cannot neglect their importance as well.
    In conclusion, a teenager should focus on the subjects they are best at or are willing to continue in the future but not on the sake of neglecting subjects taught at school.


    • Abhinav

      September 29, 2021 at 10:11 PM

      This is your first writing task and I am aware that you have not been told about the proper structure. I will be just explaining a few points.

      You have a very good flow of points. I couldn’t find any grammatical errors which is an excellent thing.

      The structure has already been shared with you. Please look at it and I’m sure that you will be able to understand it pretty clearly and next time you will perform exceptionally.

  • Sheeba

    October 2, 2021 at 1:17 PM

    Some people believe that children in their teens should concentrate on all subjects at school. Whereas, others think that they should focus on the subject they are more interested. In this essay let us see both views of people.

    To begin with, some people are not interested on their children to concentrate on a particular subject. Children’s dream will be keep on changing as they grow. If they concentrate on one subject during their secondary education they may miss some opportunity. Later they will regret for not concentrating on the subject they missed. During teens they have lack of knowledge to stream their career. In their tertiary education they have many options to focus on their favorite subject.

    Even though there are many benefits on focusing on all subjects, other people think children must focus on the subject in which they are more interested from their teenage. So that they can enhance their skill from the teenage and they will be having a clear plans to achieve their goal. Some children have an exact ambition. For those children concentrating on other subject is waste of time. If they concentrate on their interested subject rather than their academics they will gain extra knowledge from workshops and conferences which leads them to develop real time knowledge. In developed nations children are allowed to select their favorite subjects to have an eagle eye view on their ambition.

    In conclusion, it is wiser for children who have determination towards their goal to choose their interested subjects in their secondary education. Children with no specific ambition it is not recommended and they must focus on all the subjects. Can we say which method of approach is correct? No, it varies from each individual. Let them decide for their future.

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