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  • Naila

    April 2, 2022 at 7:49 PM

    In my point of view all the advertisement are not a gimmick. But yes some are definitely. Like I never believe in a product, which try to proves that it makes you beautiful change your skin tone or make changes in all over you appearance. After so many criticism specifically fair&lovely change their advertisement tactics or name . Not only fair& lovely but there are many brands in the the market which promotes white Skin directly or indirectly,that beauty only comes in package of white skin that show’s in their advertisement somehow. There is nothing to do beauty with the skin tone . Science already proves that skin tone depends on melanin. Special cells in the skin make melanin and that total medical affairs. No creem powder,or gel make skin colour change. People are already started thinking differently and that makes a difference in today’s world for sure …..

  • Pragyaa

    April 3, 2022 at 11:30 AM

    In today’s world advertisement have become a part of our daily life. Many of the opportunities to make money is throw advertisement, lots of people have work on it. But in my opinion the most of the act just like a gimmick. Advertisement have lots of Jingle, slogan that have touch our brain our heart. Jingles and slogan or always play with your emotions and attraction of rhythm. They force you to think about them and sometime your favourite actor actress play the role of on advertisement it’s not mean that the product work well, and this product is superior .

    What I think it is just a simple meaning this product company have a lots of money hv bigger budget than others , so that they had the best actor and actress , who only play the role and only try to create a gimmick everyday,

    Example:- I will share one example as we see in *Mountain DEW* add ” *Hrithik*Roshan* drink Dew and jumped on the fire and he say *dar ke aage Jeet hai*

    but what was the reality it is really possible on realities ?

    As I think it’s not possible it is only gimmick,.

    What is your opinion?

  • Sakshi

    April 4, 2022 at 10:57 AM

    Today’s our life is covered the digital things. We easily trust things blindly. Advertisement s take the advantage from this. Let’s see a example. We see many advertisement related to health products. Those advertisements show you use this product you become free of diseases. I saw one advertisement on Naptol channel that’s related to oil. According to that you use the oil and you become thin. Many people ordered that oil. Practically you think this thing will work? So advertisement makes dupe only.

  • yashi

    April 4, 2022 at 12:41 PM

    Advertisement are not just a gimmick because in current situation there are so many things are there.we don’t know about .we know what is advertisement .after that i want to share my opinion . advertisement are only tells about the thing which is launched and about the features. Ex if in the advertisement of fairness cream and other beauty products on that advertisement there is a comment girl we don’t know about this girl we are not going to purchase that product. And in other way any famous celebrity did this advertisement we have not think a twise we are ready to purchase the product ..what we understand by this .it’s meant that only gimmick is not there for advertisement so many other things are important ….

  • Divya

    April 4, 2022 at 12:44 PM

    Now a days there is district products in the market,so companies investing a huge amount to promote their product by advertising, in one hand it’s good to reach to a big audience in seconds, in other hands some advertisement befuddles the public.even though mostly advertisement are only gimmick because Now a days there is district products in the market,so companies investing a huge amount to promote their product by advertising, in one hand it’s good to reach to a big audience in seconds, in other hands some advertisement befuddles the public.even though mostly advertisement are only gimmick example fair and lovely, Olay cream they claims after using these creams anyone can brighter, this is really fake add, another example is Maggie, they claims like maggi noodles can cook in 2 min , and I tried it, and believe me they never been cooked in 2 min.some advertisement used celebrity endorsement for launched the product like I watched the add of scooty hero pleasure and I was thinking like really is Alia Bhatt using a scooty for going their parties. So really funny. I don’t according to me advertisement are just a gimmick.

  • Himani

    April 7, 2022 at 3:17 AM

    In my opinion, advertisements are just a gimmick. If you watch any advertisement related to beauty products and others like a slim belt and then you purchase that product. you don’t know if this is good for you or not. There are many companies that take advantage of human emotions. They present advertisements by celebrities and role models. people who watch such advertisements get emotionally attached and purchase the items but they don’t know. This is far from reality.

    example:- Slim fit belt- they clam if you wear the slim belt. you will lose maximum weight. Is this true no. nothing can make you lean so fast.

  • Anees

    April 7, 2022 at 10:30 PM

    Advertisement have a very important role in today’s world and it’s just for promoting our product wether the product is good or we are creating a gimmick to sale it . sometimes we know that the product is not good for the health of people and we also know that every body knows this fact But still we created advertisement like a gimmick to attract the people towards our products.

    For Example:

    Although we all know that processed foods are not good for our health. Here I’m advertising for a newly launched potato chips (Halka phlka).

    Hey ! Do u know about Van Goghs potato eaters?
    No problem! Now everyone is going to b a potato eater .
    Now First time in the market
    100% natural, appetizing , mouth watering
    And crispy Potato chips. Halka Phulka !
    You can have it even if you are on a diet.
    No added colour
    No preservatives
    Trans fat free
    Colestrol free.
    Yah! I know now u r searching about Van Gogh’s potato Eater.
    Halka phulka khao knowledge barhao.

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