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Language and script are two distinct entities – though it is a common misperception to think of them as identical. Learning to speak a language fluently requires a different skill set than writing it.

Learners can watch movies to improve English speaking skills in an enjoyable manner. Doing so helps them improve their vocabulary, grammar, and sentence formation skills. More importantly, though, they pick up the subtle differences that tone, loudness, speed, silences, and dynamics can make in conveyed meaning. This helps them become fluent and natural English speakers.

Watching movies to improve English can be beneficial in several ways. Let’s look at a few of them.

Learning Natural English Used by Native Speakers

The kind of English used in textbooks and formal education courses can be different than the language used by native speakers. On the other hand, movies use common expressions, structures, and idioms that are closer to the “practiced” version of the language. By watching movies, you thus learn to speak the language in a natural and fluid manner.

If you are specifically trying to improve spoken English, movies will help you learn faster than most other pedagogies. They are the closest available proxy to communicating with a native speaker in real life.

Context Provides Better Learning Outcomes

As any linguist would affirm, grammar and vocabulary compromise just a part of a language. The richness of meaning conveyed by a language also depends largely on the situation, the circumstances, the history, and the events related to the subject – or in other words, on the context.

Isolated words and sentences in textbooks may fall short in conveying the entire meaning. For getting better at English speaking, movies, on the other hand, provide the full context and hence help the audience, or learner, understand the richness of the expression.

This leads to better learning outcomes. Learners pick up the finer nuances of the language while also exhibiting greater retentivity of the words and phrases heard.

Enjoyable Learning Produces Better Results

We learn and do better when we enjoy the process. Movies are an entertainment medium and providing joy to people is the main reason for their existence.

Hence, you learn English faster and better when you do so while watching movies. Taking this a step further, the best English movies to improve English would be the ones you enjoy the most – your personal favourites. This makes it a double bonanza – learn better while having the maximum fun.

Involving Multiple Senses Makes Learning Better

We learn better when we involve more of our senses in the process. When you watch movies, you are not only reading the words, but you are also using your sense of hearing to comprehend the spoken words.

All this means that more of your brain cells and pathways are being fired. No wonder you become a much better English speaker in a quick time.

If you are learning English or trying to take your skills in the language to the next level, you must complement your textbook and course study with some good English movies. With the wide adoption of digital technologies, you can learn this beautiful language by taking an online course from the comfort of your home. You should enrol in the best online English speaking course now and start reaping the rewards of learning this rich language right away!

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