10 Ways to Improve your English Skills

Best Online English Speaking course in india Best Online Spoken English Classes in India

10 ways to improve your spoken English skills

10 Ways to Improve English communication skills, Best Online Spoken English Course in India, National Institute of Language

It is quite important in today’s world to have good communication skills in English; however, people find it difficult to learn English when they are on their own.

It becomes even more important if you are trying to qualify for exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. People looking to improve their English skills in order to move ahead in their career or to get education in foreign countries like USA and Canada, have trouble finding good source of learning English as well as goods trainers to guide them throughout their journey. I would like to point out here that there is no replacement of a good trainer in your attempt to learn English; however, there are certain things that you can do by yourself that you can make a difference and get you closer to your goal. If you want to learn English with Cambridge and British Council certifies trainers, National Institute of language provides India’s best online spoken English course. Let’s start with topic at hand now.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

People who wish to develop fluency in English are often than not forget about the importance of reading. If you want to learn English you have to focus upon all four areas of language and reading is one of them. If you are on such a level where you can’t understand the difficult and complex sentences, you should start with children’s books. These books contain stories in simple English which can be a good starting point for you. If you start reading the more difficult literature in the beginning this might actually become a hindrance in your progress, as you might not be able to understand it properly which will result in bringing down your confidence and motivation. If you’re a parent or somebody who takes care of children, it will be an added advantage in teaching your children. Once you have achieved a certain level of understanding simple sentences, like those found in children’s books, you might want to go on the next level and start reading newspapers. You can start by reading the pages that interest you most; for example, if you’re more interested in sports you can read the news about sports and build up from there. It is important to be interested in what you’re doing, otherwise you will lose focus and your journey will come to an abrupt end. Novels can also be a good source of reading and since they are available in different genres, you can actually select one which you like. For the beginners I would recommend reading Times of India, if you want to go ahead with the newspapers, or novels by Chetan Bhagat, since they are simple in the sentence construction.

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Best Online Spoken English Course in India Best Online English Speaking course in India with certificate National Institute of Language

As I have mentioned above, learning a language is about mastering all four sections. Listening is a crucial part which will not only make you a better communicator also it will help you to learn new things. Sometimes it can be a problem to understand different accents; however, you can overcome this problem by practicing regularly. It may not be a good idea to listen to the content which is in British and American accents to begin with, because it might confuse you. You would be better off listening to the content that is popular in your country. The first target is to start understanding English-language in an accident which you can understand better. So, if you from India, you can start by listening to English news on Indian news channels and some other programs that are available in English, but make sure they have Indian speakers in those programs. Once you have developed an ear to understand your local accent properly, you can move ahead and start listening to the content in British English. British accent is close to Indian accent and this would be an incremental step to increase your understanding of English language. British accent is also considered the purest English accent in the world and all the Commonwealth countries where Britishers have ruled or had colonies, it is more sought-after. Keeping the American accent in mind, I would like to mention here that America is the most powerful country in the world and most of the movies that you watch are produced by Americans. This is the major reason Indians find it hard to understand these movies. Once you become comfortable enough with British accent you should move on to American movies to develop your listening skills even more. Learning English language is a process rather than a one-time effort.

Best Online Spoken English Course in India Best Online English Speaking course in India with certificate National Institute of Language

Learning English is not only about making sentences, you need to understand the correct usage of words as well as improve the quality of the words that you include in your speech or writing. In order to develop a good vocabulary, you need to get creative. I would recommend making notes of all the words that you come across while you are reading or listening. Writing these words separately in a notebook along with their meanings, pronunciation and usage in sentences will help you out to work on your vocabulary. But noting these words down in a notebook will not do wonders unless you are determined enough to practice these words through speaking and writing. At first, you should start writing a few sentences using the words that you find difficult, so that these words get into your working memory and stay there. There are more than a million words and English-language and it is impossible to learn all these words. We have to make a decision as to which words can be utilized in a daily conversation or in our profession. Finding new words and newspapers, magazines and programs on television or even YouTube videos is the way to go. They will provide you with all the words which are in trend and can be used in social contexts.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

  • Practice speaking while recording yourself

It is rather difficult to identify errors by yourself. This is why I recommend joining National Institute of language’s online English-speaking course to train with British Council and Cambridge certifies trainers. However, if you are looking to improve your English by yourself, you can start practicing with a voice recorder. They can turn on your voice recorder in your phone and start speaking in English on any topic of your choice. Make it a daily habit. After you’re done with speaking you need to play the recording and try to find out the grammatical errors and pronunciation errors that you committed while speaking. You will also be able to improve any pronunciation errors by paying close attention to your words. You can also practice in front of a mirror; however, this might be a little uncomfortable for people who do not have a separate room.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

To speak English fluently you need a lot of practice. You might want to get yourself surrounded by people who speak in English. You can ask your friends to help you out to develop an environment of English around you, which will be mutually beneficial for both parties. If you can’t find friends to talk to, you can join online Facebook groups to find a few people who can speak in English with you. The better way to find English speakers and an environment of English is to join online spoken English course from National Institute of language, where you will learn English with experts with a lot of conversation activities like group discussion, free speech, debate, dialogue, role plays et cetera.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

It is important to develop a foundation of English grammar. You might want to collect a lot of content on different topics of English grammar and solve a lot of exercises available online. There are certain books that are available in market which might be helpful, but getting online content is easier and cheaper. You can refer to the websites like Cambridge and Wikipedia to learn about grammar. People who speak English commit a lot of errors without even realizing. It is important to have an expert help you out with your doubts and confusions about difficult concepts of English. You can take online spoken English course from National Institute of language to study the concepts of English grammar with proper assessments and evaluations.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

You will not be able to learn English and one day or one week or even a month. Patience is the key here and along with the patients need proper timetable and a strategy. You cannot expect to learn and memorize hundred vocabulary words each day and similarly you cannot understand all the concepts in English grammar in a week. You need to prioritize the tasks and stick to the plan. Try to learn 5 to 10 new words each day which is easier for your mind to accommodate. Focus on learning one concept of grammar each day rather than running up 10 topics without understanding any one of them. Remember one thing, learning English is a process which takes time and effort.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

  • Start writing as much as you can

Writing is a process which will help you to develop your thoughts. You must try to write at least one article every day in English. Writing is not likely speaking there you have to answer spontaneously rather it gives you enough time to think and collect your thoughts while controlling your grammatical errors. While writing, make sure that you’re not committing any grammatical errors, else, your mind will become accustomed to committing the same errors while you speak. Writing will help you to generate content and sentences which you can actually utilise while speaking. English speaking is a habit which you must develop by the means of writing every single day.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

It is very easy to get distracted from your goal and your schedule while working on your own. Learning English will be easier with professional help. Get help from professional English trainers who can guide you for all the different aspects of the language including grammar and vocabulary. With National Institute of language providing India’s best online spoken English course, you can improve your English communication skills with expert trainers from British Council and Cambridge. You will find it easier to join the course and take guidance from a professional trainer than to collect all the information by yourself.

Online English Speaking Course Online Spoken English course Online English Classes National Institute of Language NIL Academy

  • Stay positive, stay motivated

As you start learning English, whether on your own or with the help of a professional, you might find yourself confused and demotivated. Everybody goes through this phase, and this is pretty common for anything new that you do. Believe me, when I say, this phase will pass and you will achieve your goal if you stay positive and stay motivated. Everything depends upon factors, if you continue with your journey with full dedication and determination, there is no reason to fail. Learning English is important in today’s world to succeed and you must take on the challenge with a positive attitude.

With all the things mentioned above, I’m sure that you will be able to speak English fluently and confidently soon enough. Everybody has a different learning curve and you should not compare yourself with other people. I hope you find this information useful and informative.

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