Overcoming fear of public speaking in English


Public speaking is an art and who doesn’t want to master it but the question is HOW? Like other art forms it, too, requires persistence, determination as well as consistency in order to master it.

Though most of the people know the significance of public speaking skill; yet many face challenges while speaking before the audience.

People fear of going up to stage as there is always an anxiety whenever there is a spotlight on you. It feels as if audience is going to eat the way a carnivore eats the poor lamb.

People-who are introvert-get perspiration on their foreheads whenever their names are called upon.

How to get rid of the fear of public speaking: –

It is said that practice makes a man perfect and it is true when it comes about public speaking skill. There is plethora of articles, videos etc. available on internet which might help you to some extent. But going through videos & reading article don’t help alone unless you practice. The easiest and most common trick is to practice in front of mirror or record your video before presenting a presentation.

It would be great if you recite it in front of your family member with whom you are comfortable. Certainly, it will assist you to overcome your fear a bit.

Ask the professional for the feedback: – It is possible that feedback from friends and family can be fruitless. As the insect of self-doubt crawls in many cases. Self-assessment might not be as helpful as you probably think. Here, taking classes by professional language coach comes as the best option.

In this digital era, it is a piece of cake to find professional public speaking-trainer, language-coach and online institutes on one click. The kind of feedback and assistance you get from the expert, who have been teaching and training for decade, would save you from drowning into the anxiety and fear of public speaking.

Get organized: – Preparation is the vital key to perform well. You must perform your presentation beforehand as many times as possible. If possible, visit the place where you are going to perform and act upon assuming you are performing live and the crowd is watching, this is how you’ll feel more confidence. In addition to this, it will prevent you from technical glitch or prepare you for worst.

Know your audience: – Involving your audience, having an eye contact with them makes your presentation lively. The small interaction with audience asking their opinion not only boast your confidence but also prevent your performance from being monotonous. Remember, it is not a film where you are supposed to utter a monologue and direct will say ‘cut’ nice shot. It is live-show where you have to be more attentive. Don’t let not the audience dominate and you must also try not to be bossy.

Control your breathing: It can be possible that on podium you start feeling nervous and that nervousness block the flow of thoughts. Take a one second pause and start breathing. It will calm you. Take a deep breath before you get on the stage, and just loosen up a bit. Don’t be too rigid. Be calm.

Be positive: – Be positive and think positive about your performance. Try to recall the best moment of your life or a day when you have been appreciated or awarded. Remembering those good days will create a positive aura around you. Positive thoughts can help to decrease the anxiety.

Embrace the imperfection: – Don’t feel guilty about the fear. No matter how well you prepared, there will be always a fear while speaking. Don’t get afraid if there is a silence during your presentation or you get blank. Just take a few steps or take a deep breath and begin. Believe it audience won’t mind a pause. Taking stress of performing impeccably cause fear and nervousness. It is okay to make a or two mistakes, it is not going to ruin your performance. Sometimes being flawed is real.

Meditation: – You will be surprised to know that mediation is a useful activity in many aspects. There are doctors and speech-therapists who recommend mediation as a technique to overcome the fear of speaking. It would enhance your cognitive skill, keep your mind calm and you would learn to curb your anxiety.

Join speaking club: If practicing alone can’t help you. You can join speaking club by paying very minimal cost. There are plenty of speaking club that conduct speaking activity on daily basis or on weekly basis where you may find people like you who have been going through the same problems as you. There you can practice and get feedback from professionals.

Getting nervous in particular situation is common and public speaking is no exception. There are numerous terms such stage fear, performance anxiety etc. Seeking an advice from consulted and taking concrete steps towards overcoming this fear is the only way to go forward in your life.

Cutting yourself from social life is never be an option. Make yourself bigger than these fear by practicing, taking part in public events, competitions as well as joining public speaking club and you will see; there is light at the end of tunnel.

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