Want To Improve Your English Vocabulary? Here Are Some Simple Tips

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A strong vocabulary will help you feel confident regardless of whether you give a presentation or take the IELTS test. It will also help you feel comfortable during conversations as it will enable you to communicate better. To build a strong foundation in vocabulary, you only need to follow a few simple tips. Yes, you can take an online English speaking course, but the results won’t be impressive without your own efforts. Nonetheless, here are the tips to improve vocabulary. Check out—

Focus on the roots of the words—

It is important to know the roots of all the words you learn in order to build a solid foundation for your vocabulary. Many words share a common root. Once you find out the root of a word, you are able to determine the meanings of related words. For instance, if a word contains the Latin root “duc”, which means “to make,” then it can be assumed that words with this root have something to do with making. This root can be found in words such as “deduce” and “produce.”

Learn practical words—

Jargon is a term that refers to the use of new words and definitions in different industries. Try to learn technical jargon from your colleagues and other professionals in your field. But then jargon is only required by people working in a specific field. For IELTS, you need a more generalized approach.

It’s important to examine the practicality of a word before learning it. Don’t increase your vocabulary just for the sake of it. Learn words you think will be useful to you. Once you learn them, you can slowly cover words that seem less practical to you.

Also, instead of using words or phrases that are difficult to understand or obscure your meaning, you can look for simpler ways to express yourself.

Making word associations proves extremely helpful—

You can use word associations to remember words and phrases. The word gargantuan, for example, means very large. You can create a sequence of words in such a way that you don’t just remember its meaning but also the context in which it is used. So, the sequence would be something like small, medium, large, huge, and gargantuan. The ability to form associations can make it easier for you to recall words that you are learning. These associations can help you to remember words for a long time.

Enrol in the best online English speaking courseYou can improve your vocabulary as well as writing skills by enrolling in an offline or online English speaking class. This will also help you in your professional life. It’s best to take an English learning class online as it will offer great flexibility of learning. There will be assignments and tests that will help you improve your English. Take notes as you go through the course.

Lastly, read, read and read! This is simply no substitute for reading. The more you will read, the more you will come across new words. This way, you will build a rich vocabulary. 

So, regardless of whether you learn by reading or by enrolling with the best online English speaking course in India, you will see impressive results with some effort. So, don’t stop trying.

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