Online English Speaking Courses To Become A Vivid Speaker

Online English Speaking Courses To Become A Vivid Speaker

Speaking in a foreign language can be daunting. Living or studying in a foreign country means you will be testing out your English speaking skills every day. It is common for non-native students to feel overwhelmed about speaking English. 

Learning a foreign language, especially English can open up a plethora of opportunities for you. It might be the push you need for your next big promotion or help you crack job interviews. 

Fluent English speaking may as well help you cross the last hurdle towards advanced education. 

English speaking courses not only help to develop necessary communication skills but also pursue it as a career by acquiring the requisite level of proficiency to become a certified trainer. 

We have handpicked the best online English-speaking courses that can help you become a fluent speaker. 

Checklist To Nail The Best Online English Speaking Course:

  • Choose a portal that offers sessions conducted by certified trainers. Certified IELTS trainers are the best mentor you can have. They have been training for decades and know exactly how to encourage students to have hold of the language and accent. 
  • Ensure the portal offers sessions and online tests both for reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 
  • Quality training and assessment is essential to assess the strength and weakness of students and work on it for progressive development.
  • Access to vocabulary preparation and grammar videos and sessions online can help practice and improve language skills. 
  • Availability of well-researched and effective study material in the course to improve communication skills. 
  • Group sessions and personal one on one sessions both are equally important to accomplish the goal of fluent English speaking. 

Top 3 Courses To Achieve Fluency

Choosing the right program online can be a daunting task due to a wide range of courses online. We have shortlisted the top five courses each with a different approach to reach proficiency in the language. We ensure you will find the one that suits your needs. 

The National Institute of Language offers various options for English-speaking courses that can help you meet your goals. The courses are accessible to students both from India and Abroad.

Students can join in courses according to their time, comfort or specific requirements. 

Crash Course 

Crash courses offer month-long sessions with 44 hours of training spread over 22 lectures. It also includes 4 personality development modules. This is ideal for students who are seeking advanced knowledge or a brush-up on their language skills.

The course offers regular 2-hour classes on weekdays with special webinars and activities on weekends. Students also get a NIL ESL certification valid across India on completion of the course. 

Group Class 

Full length or group classes last over a 3 months duration span. The module offers 132 hours of training spread over 66 sessions. The course is ideal for you if you are a beginner with basic knowledge of the language.

The course offers regular sessions of 2 hours on weekdays and encompasses 12 personality development modules. There are special webinars and activities on weekends to test your learnings. You receive British council certification upon completion of the course which is valid throughout the globe. 

Personal Training

Personal training encompasses one on one training by certified tutors with years of experience. If you are someone who needs to cover the basics and excel in no time this course is perfect for you. The course contains 12 personality development modules and hourly training on weekdays.

This course also entitles you to British council certification which is valid all around the globe. Like the above two courses, this one too offers weekend webinars and activities that help boost confidence and establish fluency. 

Practice Makes The Man Perfect

Right resources and encourage you to practice and boost both your confidence and skills to have conversations without breaking a sweat. Talking with your friends, loved ones and acquaintances is the best way to show off and attain fluency in your language.

With dedication and willingness to learn you can achieve your goals in no time.

Each of the programs listed above are devoted to improving your speaking and learning skills within your budget.

Enroll yourself in a course that suits your style 

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