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There is an obvious reason that most of the people speak Chinese. Many nations have Spanish as their mother tongue but realistically, English is a language of choice throughout the world. Today, it has become an international language due to being a language of communication, science and major international media. So, is it really worth putting more time, effort and energy in learning English?

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English has proved to open new career opportunities for people. English is a dominant business language, it has become a necessity for people to speak in English if they are to enter the global workforce. Research from all over the world shows that international companies expect their employees to be fluent in English. Global companies such as Nokia, Renault, Samsung and many others have mandated English as their official corporate language. Therefore, the importance of learning English in the international market cannot be understated and one day you might land in your dream job.

Someone appositely said ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock at your door, build a door’, we at National Institute of Language help you build a door for yourself through the Spoken English Online classes. Our Spoken English classes are designed for all English learners ranging from Working professionals, Competitive Exam Aspirants, Students and General learners looking forward to build their foundation in English. The three months course here at NIL helps you to learn to communicate with poise, diplomacy and confidence. Designed for individuals interested in developing essential skills for effective writing and speaking, you also learn practical tools and techniques to help you project a positive and professional image in all written and verbal interactions.

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English not only helps us in our professional life but is also essential to travel easily anywhere in the world because English is spoken as the second language in many different countries.

It is always easy to find English speakers as well as printed information specially in hotels and  in areas frequented by tourists. By learning English at NIL you can look forward to getting the following outcomes:

  • Discover your natural communication styles and also learn how to adapt to the style of others
  • Understand how to communicate at your workplace
  • Develop listening and correct pronunciation skills to prevent critical misunderstandings

Learning something new is an excellent and engaging activity, in particular if it is from your area of interest. It is also challenging to master the art that you learn. It takes less time to learn new art when it is compared to gain proficiency on the same. Learning a new language is a fashion in our time, as things have been shifting towards a global understanding than keeping the learning atmosphere fixed to regional aspects. This program is designed to help you in ALL aspects of English: listening, speaking, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and confidence. The weekly tasks boost your skills which help you to participate in a global community of advanced English speakers.

The unprecedented spread of Corona Virus brought the world to a halt. But just as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, e-learning or online classes came as a saviour for learners. We must recognize that and it is not be possible for the proposed strategies of social distancing and hygiene practices to be implemented in every setting, during the Corona pandemic scare. The NIL online Spoken English classes offer opportunities for people who want assistance in learning this new language. These classes are not only easily accessible but also are taken up by our Cambridge and British Council certified trainers which surely proves to be a cherry on the cake. The following points will give you a clear picture of the advantage of NIL Online Spoken English classes

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The trainers at National Institute of Language help you figure out the areas you need to work upon and lead the path, all you need to do is to follow and be curiously passionate about learning this new skill. Our students have come out with flying colours in their respective professions and have brought laurels to their cities too. At NIL, your mistakes are your learning moments. Regular tests help us to accurately track your progress and focus on areas which need extra practice. We have an unlimited repository of assignments and activities carefully crafted to promote language learning.

As doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will but doubts can removed only by action, in addition to all the above mentioned activities, we also give a fair chance to everyone to understand our curriculum and teaching pedagogy. Through our demo sessions we take you on a virtual tour of our modules and also the matter covered under it so that you can rest assured that you spend your time and money with best trainers and institution.

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